You ever have one of those James Bond moments that you wish was captured on film? Whether it was the time you perfectly executed the escape from the parking garage, dodging traffic, and arriving right at the exit when a perfect clearing emerged, or the time you dropped your phone off the table, but with lightning quick reflexes you reach down and grabbed it before it hit the floor… James Bond Moments feel absolutely amazing. Granted, the movie James Bond moments are a lot better than your own so you have to tether your perception to reality. That said, thanks to the marketing people at Gillette in partnership with the new movie Spectre, they have created a quick guide to preparing for your own James Bond moments!

James Bond Moments

Here’s the list:

  • I Observe Things and Remember Them Very Accurately – I think that even the way in which a man shaves in the morning is well worth recording.
  • The Gambler Doesn’t Care Much Whether He Wins or Loses – He is interested primarily in the action.
  • Never Say No to Adventure – Always say yes, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.
  • I Always Make it a Rule Never to Look Back – What might have been is a waste of time.
  • You Only Live Twice – Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face.

Also make sure you check out the latest (and final) James Bond Spectre trailer that released today!