Late yesterday, Reddit administration announced that they had fired one of the most beloved employees of several of the subreddits, particularly /r/IAmA. Victoria Taylor was a facilitator for the AMAs on site, to the point that the subreddit moderators felt it impossible to continue without her assistance. The result was, and continues to be that the subreddit is private. In solidarity and agreement, many of the sites other massive subreddits joined in the blockade including /r/Gadgets, /r/Gaming, /r/Videos, /r/AskReddit, /r/Music, /r/Funny, /r/Movies, /r/Books, /r/History, /r/Art, /r/DIY, and many others. The show of force was to send a message to administration that they can’t keep on the path they are on and need to start supporting mods – otherwise Reddit may follow in the footsteps of Digg.¬†While some subreddits are slowly starting to unlock, the reality is that the first sign of trouble is usually not the last.

If another private lockdown should occur in the future, here are 14 Things to Do if Your Favorite Subreddit is Private.

1. Work

93% of you are supposed to be doing some kind of productive work right now – get to it!

2. Go for a Walk

No doge necessary – just go take in the great outdoors! Wow. Much green. Very life.

3. Share Stuff on Twitter

It’s like reddit, but incredibly noisy and the cool stuff gets missed unless everyone’s already tweeting about it.

4. Play Hearthstone

A lot of fun, and well produced for a free game… bad beats will annoy you to no end though.

5. Go Point and Laugh at Digg

Oh Digg… maybe one day we’ll replace this with Reddit.

6. Call Your Mom

She’d love to hear from you!

7. Binge Watch Netflix

Anyone else disappointed with this season of OITNB? I mean…

8. Drink

Might as well have a few beverages, maybe after the hangover the subreddit will be back.

9. Wonder Why Some Websites Have So Little Content

We know why.

10. Comment Constructively on Youtube

Upvote yourself for making Youtube a slightly better place.

11. Buy a Newspaper

Mostly so you can imagine and wonder how the savages a couple decades ago got their news.

12. Cook Something

I’m sure it will turn out delicious.

13. Go Through All Your Tinder Options, Get to the End

Then wonder if you’re ugly. Head back to suggestion 8.

14. Periodically Refresh

This is their time – and they are flubbing it big time. Maybe next time guys?