Welcome to 2017 everyone and here comes my first ever home office tour! I’m excited for the year ahead and wanted to start things off with something a little more personal. Guy Maven has several contributors, but the majority of the content comes from me. As such, I think it makes sense to add some more personal content to the mix here. It still fits the theme but offers you a little look into my life.

My home office is where I spend the majority of my time. It’s where I do all my video content and much of my written work. In a given week, I’ll spend upwards of 80 hours in here but the space is terrible. While it all functions and I get my work done, the space just doesn’t feel productive. There’s so many things I could do to make it better and 2017 is the time to do it.

Home Office Tour Upgrades

This is the Eastern Wall where my closet space is as well as a charging setup. Both need better organization.
North Wall
This is the North Wall. This is where I have plans to add shelving space, lighting and an ‘unboxing’ table.
The Southern Wall. It’s what has my greenscreen up on it. Not much will change other than I’ll better install the screen.

I know a lot of people love seeing how other people live/work so I thought I would share the BEFORE pictures and video of my office. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be making gradual changes and updates to make the whole space much better!

Some of the tasks I want to do this year include:

  • Build a computer.
  • Buy a new desk chair.
  • Remove the couch.
  • Add shelves over an ‘unboxing’ desk where the couch was.
  • Figure out a better solution for lighting.
  • Properly install the green screen.
  • Re-organize my charging setup.
  • Figure out a better solution for the closet crap.

I’d love your feedback on the space including suggestions! Particularly if you spot any cool furniture or pieces of tech that could make the space amazing. I look forward to sharing my progress over the course of the year including a video series on building a computer (as it will be my first time.) Thanks again and happy new year everyone!

Desk Gear List

Desk Set Up

If you want to buy any of the items on my desk, here’s links to them all!