There was a time when fashion trends were applicable only to women. Today, men are becoming equally fashion conscious. From Versace to Dr Martens, they are seeking to increase their wardrobe with top-tier fashion brands. But being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to break your bank. What you rather need is a proper planning and in-depth research to look sharp. From influential fashion bloggers to stylish strangers, the Internet is filled with lookbook inspiration for fashion-conscious individuals.

In fact, to look good you don’t need to spend a fortune. There are certain timeless items that every man should have in his wardrobe, from a plain white t-shirt and basic denim to a classic navy suit and fine leather shoes to look impeccably sharp.

Today, GuyMaven presents 7 Timeless Fashions for Men.

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1. The Navy/Gray Suit

Navy blue and gray suits are essentials for any man. Whether solid, charcoal gray or lighter shades, this suit is your best bet for almost all occasions. Ensuring the suit fits well and is well crafted is paramount. If you are building your suit wardrobe or updating one, investing in a gray two-button suit is a great start. Although formal, there is an air of approachability with this color, while navy is certainly a step above. When it comes to fabrics, stick to wool or wool blends as they are most versatile and resistant to wrinkling. The most important aspect of a suit, aside from its color is the fitting. The latest trends in men’s suiting involve a trimmer fit with slightly shorter jacket to accentuate the natural frame of the wearer. It looks both sleek and contemporary.

7 Timeless Fashions for Men

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The cut and fit of the suit must compliment your body but many men opt for off-the-rack suits as tailoring is often out of reach financially. To bridge this gap, online retailers like OwnOnly offer an affordable line of completely customizable business and casual suits through their online tailored measurement process. All you need to do is select your suit, express your personal style and provide your measurements; the company will deliver your perfectly tailored-fit suit in less than three weeks.

2. Blue Blazer

A classic blue blazer is a wardrobe staple. It is the male equivalent of the little black dress for a woman. An blue blazer is versatile, timeless and dependable. In fact, it is one item that you can keep in heavy rotation. Again, it must be well-fitted and sharply tailored. You can either dress it down with a pair of dark jeans or wear it with white jeans during summer to ooze style confidence. For a dressier look, don your blue/navy blazer with gray pant, a solid pink or lavender shirt and brown loafers. Additionally, you can combine this jacket with stripped shirts or wear it over sweater during the chilly days. Depending on your style and personal preferences, you can opt for solid or patterned blazers.

3. Business Casual/Dress Shirts

You should have at least 5 business casual/dress shirts in your wardrobe. White shirts top the list here, followed by blue, pink/lavender, and light green. You could also have one or two quality black shirts for sharp sophistication. The only thumb of rule to follow here is to opt for a slim fit or a tailored shirt as regular fits sometimes make you look bloated. In addition to solid colored shirts, invest in some quality striped shirts to add the much-needed variety to your wardrobe.

7 Timeless Fashions for Men

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4. Gray, Black & Khaki Trousers

Just like gray suits, gray trousers are highly versatile. They work wonders with a crisp white dress shirt and a thin black tie; or wear them with patterned shirts and a sport jacket/bright coloured knitwear for a more casual look. Similarly, you can invest in a pair of black trousers that come with the extra benefit of being acceptable in formal settings. If you are highly toned, flat fronted trousers are a great option instead of the standard pleats. Finally, include a pair of bonafide classic in your wardrobe – a khaki pant. But make sure it has a modern, slim fit.

5. Denim Jeans

Any list of men’s timeless fashion items is incomplete without a pair of dark blue denim jeans. Again, the rule of thumb is investing in a pair of high-end denim. It looks better with dress shirts and blazers, defining your sharp business casual look as well as pairing well with t-shirts for a rugged, laid-back look. Blue denim jeans have strong staying power, making them excellent investment pieces. But remember to go for a slim-fit as baggier fits are unlikely to make a return.

7 Timeless Fashions for Men

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6. Plain White/Gray T-Shirts

Plain white t-shirts are timeless classics that will never go out of fashion. With a pair of blue denim, your white t-shirt creates the cool weekend look. Investing in both crew neck, and v-neck t-shirts will add variety and a nice subtle change to you look. When it comes to an effortless ‘model-off-duty’ look, nothing can beat a quality charcoal gray t-shirt. Wear it with jeans or trousers and this item will never fail to leave its mark.

7. Black & Brown Leather Shoes

Finally, you will need quality leather shoes in your wardrobe.  Oxfords, Brogues, Wingtips, or Monks – the options are literally endless for black leather shoes. When it come brown dress shoes, consider investing in a pair of classic tanned brogues as it works with almost everything. Additionally, buy a pair of quality loafers to opt for a casual look.

Parting Words

You need to start somewhere – so even if you can’t purchase all these items immediately, you can start building out your wardrobe today. You can add, remove or change anything as you move forward. Create a shopping list based on your requirements and have a budget; spend on items that you need the most. Finally, remember that you should always choose quality over quantity when building a versatile, timeless wardrobe.