Ikea makes some great looking, inexpensive stuff that can be put together quickly and generally goes with everything else they sell – that’s the power of Ikea. The problem with Ikea is that it gets to a point where every guy¬†ends up having the same KLIPPAN loveseat, the same BILLY bookcases, the same LACK side tables and the same MALM chests. Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong about having these items – but with just a little hunting, you can find great stuff that will make your place stand out. Not only will it feel more like your home, but it will make your place memorable to anyone you bring back to it. Check out these 8¬†affordable non-Ikea bachelor pad upgrades.

Bar Entertainment Centre – $300


Every good bachelor pad needs a place to store your alcohol. Not only does it show that you’ve moved beyond your bro days of drinking the bottle empty each weekend, but it shows off your finer tastes. This cabinet from Canadian Tire takes a bit of work to put together, but looks amazing, especially when you pack it full of exotic and interesting liquors. With space to hang wine glasses, and storage for 16 bottles of wine – you’ll be better equipped than other bachelors. Buy it here.

Casper Mattress – $900

Casper Mattress

Beds need to be slept in to know whether or not they are right for you – unfortunately, trying a bed in an Ikea store is both uncomfortable and simply not enough, and they don’t take returns on mattresses. Instead of this stress to save a few bucks, invest in a mattress only a few hundred bucks more in the Casper. The bed sleeps like it’s designed exclusively for you with the combination of foam and latex to create the most comfortable you (or others you might have over) sleep in. When she sleeps better at your place then her own bed, she’s going to want to spend more time with you. Buy it here.

Parsons End Tables – $45


These Parsons End Tables look high end, and offer a storage drawer, and a lower shelf as well – that’s signficantly more than the LACK tables do and only for slightly more. The white chevron patterned top looks far more modern than a glossy black and will really look great in a room geared towards shades of white/grey and black. Buy it here.

Alexander Slat Coffee Table – $140

Alexander Slat Coffee Table

This coffee table has character and that’s exactly what you want to set you apart from the Ikea showroom bachelor pads. It has a dark espresso finish, and constructed of hardwood which also means it will take a beating from your various moves over the years. With a few men’s magazines, and a couple nice coasters, this table will see ample use in your living room. Buy it here.

Glass and Blackened Metal Colton Desk – $130

Glass and Blackened Metal Colton Desk

No more corkboard construction, as this matte black legged angle base table with a beautiful glass top will let you get all your emails, social media and everything else done in style. Whether you have a dedicated office or this is part of your living or bedroom, this piece will certainly fit in with a modern bachelor pad. Buy it here.

Campbell Vegan Leather Sofa – $550

Campbell Vegan Leather Sofa

Whether you’re a vegan, or just want a quality faux leather sofa, this one looks fantastic in all white with a rubberwood frame. The tufted back will set you apart from the cotton fabric covered (and quite frankly, uncomfortable) Klippans. The angled design look will fit any space whether that’s contemporary or modern in nature – but make sure you pick up a couple pillows for some additional comfort. Buy it here.

Step One Contemporary Bed – $190

Best Buy Step One Contemporary Bed

Generally, bed frames are overly expensive or just don’t look very nice (the $50 underbed frame is so bland). While you don’t often think of Best Buy for bedroom furniture, here, you have a very nice platform bed in all black, with a simple headboard. It’s not expensive, but it will really change the appearance of your bedroom immediately. Paired with the Casper above, and you’re going to have one of the best places to rest your head at night. Buy it here.

Displate Metal Printed Artwork – $40+

Displate Metal Printed Artwork

Don’t spend another cent on those oversized images of New York or random swirls on canvas and instead invest in some of these quality metal printed pieces of art from Displate. So many of them go in collections, making it easy to add additional metal prints together to create something epic – or simply display them solo. With over 40,000 pieces, you’re going to certainly stand out with this bachelor pad art upgrade. And yes, even Superheroes look incredible when stylized and printed on metal. Buy them here.