It’s June, which is traditionally the time where the air conditioner units start to get some play. Yes, after the cold winter months while we all love the warmth outside, we’d still prefer it a little bit more comfortable inside (especially at night). The biggest problem with air conditioning is the cost – it’s not cheap to keep your place cold, but there are things you can do to cut the cost while keeping the air cool. These air conditioner hacks will not only keep you cool but they’ll cut the cost and save you money!

Air Conditioner Hack 1: Close The Blinds

If you want to keep your place cool in the summer, you have to forgo some of that incredible morning/afternoon sun by using blinds to block them out. The heat transferred directly into your place from sunlight is one of the biggest causes of temperature rise. Alternatively, you can consider reflective coatings for your windows which effectively prevent 70%+ of the heat, while only reducing the light by about 30%.

Air Conditioner Hack 2: Use Your Ceiling Fan/Table Fan

Ceiling fans are one of the best ways to keep the air in your place cool – they are designed with airflow in mind, and do so quite effectively. Ceiling fans use 10% of the energy that an AC unit does, while they can make the room feel significantly cooler. A table fan can help you feel cooler as well, though they aren’t as effective at room cooling as a ceiling unit.

Air Hacks

Air Conditioner Hack 3: Set a Reasonable Temperature

The worst thing you can do is over cool as heat will naturally be drawn to the cooler areas. Instead, set your temperature to a comfortable level, and if possible go one degree warmer. Most people find a comfortable temperature to be somewhere between 24-25.

Air Conditioner Hack 4: Control the Flow

There is no point in cooling rooms that you aren’t using/don’t need to be cooled. The kitchen is a prime example of a place that you should avoid wasting air conditioning on – you’re just going to ruin it by using the stove/oven/dishwasher. Instead, if you can block those rooms off with a door, do so. If you don’t have doors, you can create barriers using some thumbtacks and an old sheet – while not perfect, it will effectively block a lot of the cool air from entering that room, keeping the areas you want colder to remain so.

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Air Conditioner Hack 5: Force Cool Air In on Cool Nights

On nights where the temperature drops below the level you set your AC to, open windows and place desk fans in the opening to pull in that cool air. To multiply that effect, create a flow of air by opening a window at one side of your place, with a fan pulling air in… then on the other side, open a second window and have a fan blowing out air. That air exchange will work faster to drop the internal temperature and refresh your place.

Air Conditioner Hack 6: Upgrade your Pillow/Blankets

If you’re sleeping with the same blanket and pillows you use in the winter, while running an air conditioner, you are wasting money. New blanket and pillow materials have been designed in recent years to help you sleep cooler, yet more comfortably. These materials are designed to help air flow as you sleep, which in turn will keep you cooler.