Whenever you buy shoes, new devices, bags and jackets, chances are you’re going to find those little silica gel packs tucked in somewhere. Most people have no clue why they are actually in there and generally just throw them away, which is fine because silica gel is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-reactive as well. However, they generally come with warning labels for reasons – choking hazards for young children, and not to be eaten (because of it’s natural properties). That’s a clue as to why you should definitely be keeping those silica gel packs. Amazingly, those little throwaways can save you a lot of money, get you out of some tough situations and pay their weight in gold. Here’s some amazing uses for silica gel packs.


Save Your Phone from Water Damage

The dreaded water on the phone situation generally comes with the recommendation of putting the device in rice – well, that indeed does sometimes work, but if you had several silica gel packs you would increase your chances exponentially. Silica gel works like a vacuum sponge for the smallest amount of water, so placing it around your wet phone will actually work significantly better (and faster) than placing it in rice. Just put the device in a resealable container/plastic baggie and wait a day or two for the silica gel packs to extra every bit of moisture.

Extend the Life of your Razors

Chances are you’ve spent a mini-fortune on new razors – did you know the main reason the blades degrade isn’t from use, but from moisture? It’s a secret that no one wants to tell you about because they sit in the most moisture filled room in the house. Combat that by putting your razors into a plastic baggy with a few silica gel packs after you’ve used it and you’ll extend the life significantly.

To Help Safely Store Your Valuables/Photos/Documents

Silica Gel Packs

The single biggest reason why valuable items, photos, and documents get destroyed while in storage is moisture. Most of us put them into storage lockers or our basements, which are both moisture rich environments. Putting a few silica gel packs inside the boxes that you are using to store the items in can help to absorb any of that moisture that gets inside and prevent damage from occurring as a result.

Help Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh

Let’s face it, nothing worse than the stink of a gym bag filling a room – but the main reason you bag stinks is because of mold, bacteria and sweat. Throwing a bunch of silica gel packs into your bag will help to absorb that sweat moisture that feeds into bacteria and mold growth. As a result, you’ll find your bag smells a lot less and everyone will thank you.

Protect Your Luggage with Silica Gel Packs

While traveling, your luggage can be exposed to a variety of liquids, condensation, sweat, rain, gels and more. This moisture not only damages your bags integrity, but it can get into your clothes, or damage chargers and other equipment in your luggage. This is especially true in moisture rich travel destinations such as a the Caribbean or parts of Asia. A simple way to protect your bag and your belongings is to add several silica gel packs to the pockets and bottom of the bag and you can travel comfortably.

There are a dozens of other uses for those silica gel packs that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. The rule of thumb is if there is unwanted moisture, you can use them to solve the problem! Now start stockpiling them for the inevitable day when you drop your phone in the sink!