Microsoft has had a pretty exciting week all things considered. We’d argue it was one of their most announcement heavy weeks all year with announcement of new products and a major acquisition. If you’ve missed out on the announcements, we’ll run through them quickly to catch you up:

  • At E3, they announced that a new, modernized console called the Xbox One S was going to be released soon (and available at The slimmer design cuts out 40% compared to the original Xbox One, while it also supports 4K video, a streamlined controller and backwards compatibility with all Xbox 360 games. It’s available for pre-order for $500 Canadian.
  • Second, they also announced the brand new customized Xbox controllers – allowing you completely customize the colour design for your controller. Want blue buttons? Sure. Want a black controller? Yup. How about a red joystick? Sure. All their customization options give you over 8M different combinations. Price for them start at $80.

Xbox Customized

  • Next big thing, they acquired LinkedIn. We personally think this is an incredible acquisition for them and it’s really going to lock them in for professional use. While we don’t know how they will integrate LinkedIn with their existing products, it’s pretty exciting to think about punching up your resume in Word with direct connection to LinkedIn.
  • Lastly, they partnered with us! That’s huge news when you compare it to the other things they did this week. Well, at least that’s important to you guys reading!

All the exciting Microsoft announcements had us looking into the a little deeper. First thing first, we learned that the store is MORE than just a store – it’s an entire hub for all things Microsoft. Obviously, there’s a store component of it (highly recommend looking at a Surface Pro 4), but as you continue to browse you find their support section. That support section isn’t just Microsoft support, but rather an entire community of passionate Microsoft consumers. Every product from Surfaces to Xbox to OneNote and everything in between has a passionate group of contributors who just want to help each other out with any questions they have.

Microsoft Community

That said, if you want to talk to someone at Microsoft, they ARE there 24/7 for customer support. Looking to return something? It’s easy enough to log in and arrange to return it (for free!) We really are just at the tip of the spear, but safe to say, it’s the hub for all things Microsoft! If you’re at all curious about anything Windows/Microsoft/Surface/Xbox/News/Sales/Support and anything in between (we’ve got our eyes on the HoloLens), is the place to be!