At Apple’s annual iPhone announcement, they just unveiled the Apple Watch. The rumors on the Watch (or iWatch) have been circulating over the last six months, and now that it has been finally revealed we can put the rumors aside. The Apple Watch is a rectangular sapphire coated screen with retina display. With sensors within the device, it detects the difference between a tap and a press to offer unique ways of interacting with the Apple Watch. It also features a side dial called the “Crown” that allows you to zoom in and out by turning it. Tapping it once takes you back to the main screen.

The All New Apple Watch

The back of the watch is 18K gold or rose gold, and features photo sensors designed to track different metrics about your activity, heart rate and fitness. Inside it features a new chip that Apple is calling the S1. There are three different styles (Sport, Apple, and Regular) of the Apple Watch that will be released, taking into consideration smaller wrists/hands/gender, and there are six different straps that you can use with the Apple Watch. The watch requires that you own an iPhone compatible with the new iOS 8 (iPhone 5 or 6).

Availability won’t be until 2015 at a price of $349.

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