This piece of art offers a two-for-one special – one, it is one amazing piece of art that will make your bachelor pad looks incredible, and two, it will remind you of all the rules if you ever forget how to properly wear a suit. Really though, so many guys have terrible pieces of IKEA art around their place, and it’s so easy to spot that it just must make women cringe when they see it. This piece is a one of a kind, and is a collaboration between popular painter Samera Shuter and chalk artist/typographer Elise Goodhoofd – and if you’re at all familiar with Shuter’s work, you’ll know this is a steal of a piece. It’s also beautifully large, coming in at 3-feet by 4-feet acrylic on canvas.

Some of the tips on the painting include:

  • “Bad shoes ruin a great outfit.”
  • “Your belt should match your shoes.”
  • “Taper. Your jacket should contour to your body.”
  • “Never button the bottom button of a suit jacket.”
  • The tip of your tie should hit right at your belt.”

And more than a dozen other incredible tips. Needless to say, this piece of art needs a great home with a guy who not only wants a badass piece of art, but wants one that promotes all the things that too many men fail at so often.

We’ve negotiated a deal to one lucky GuyMaven reader, tweet Elise and you can have the piece for just $3000.