Bluetooth speakers are rapidly become a must-have item in your home as people continue to ditch the bulk in their lives and replace them with much more streamlined and portable items. The amazing thing about Bluetooth speakers is how much they have improved in recent years, slowly developing stronger bass, better treble and louder/clearer sound overall. The Astro Bluetooth Speaker definitely stand up as perhaps the best Bluetooth speakers we’ve had the opportunity to play with. The speakers, which are seeking funding (now fully funded but you can still get one!) on Kickstarter come with an additional feature – they are beautifully unique.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one of these limited edition Tattoo Temple edition Astro speakers, one of only seven in existence right now and it has us wanting to get our own tattoo to match. Tattoo Temple was recently named in the Top 3 tattoo studios in the world by the New York Times, so this partnership is a really unique and exclusive offering. With beautiful full colour poppy¬†designs on the front panel, and a tri-flower design on the back, for a studio that has a three-year wait list, to be able to experience it daily is a real treat. You’ve got to see the video detailing the partnerships here.


The speakers themselves are incredible – the sound is powerful, clear and are properly tuned. Featuring 90Hz of bass it comes out strong and booming, but the real treat of the Astro Bluetooth speakers, and the reason they call themselves “Pure Audio”, is the mids and highs. They use NO DSP (digital signal processors) meaning that the sound comes out as it was intended – there’s no fooling with it. And it’s really noticeable how much better the sound is as a result. We wouldn’t be surprised if Astro forces the market to change, that’s how good the sound is on these. There is only one button – a power button, on the entire device and that’s both a strength and a weakness. We would love if they had included the ability to skip tracks, but that would also detract from the beautiful simplicity of the device.


So what we have here is a portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker, the bass is strong and the mids and highs are clear and detailed, all that is a great reason to buy in and of itself. Now factor in the beautiful designs by Tattoo Temple, and it becomes clear why this campaign has already hit 100% of their funding goal. The packaging on the product is also really nicely done – strong carboard that protects the speaker, a charging cable, and a AUX cable as well. On the first image above, you’ll see a cutout on the protective rubber that houses the inputs for the both the charger and AUX. The rubber material also serves to protect the speaker and also make it stable and not slip on tables and other surfaces. The Astro Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a strong contender for our favourite speaker of 2015!

If you support the campaign in the next 30ish hours, you’re going to get the speaker delivered before Christmas and for just $140, which is about $70 less than retail.