The Aukey Dash Cam does exactly what you want it to do – it films high-quality video from your windshield. That’s really what you’re looking for when considering a dash cam. Other features are nice to have, but ultimately the image quality is what you want. Included in the box are two mounting brackets – one with a suction cup, the other with 3M tape. There’s an extra long USB power cable, a dual USB port lighter converter, some extra 3M tape as well as three basic cable management clips. So, the question is – is the Aukey Dash Cam worth your money?

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Design and Features

The Aukey Dash Cam is a well-designed dash cam with no unnecessary frills. The 1080p, wide-angle camera captures footage automatically when the car turns on. To save the footage, it has a MicroSD card slot. It should be noted that the card does NOT come with it, so it will add $25ish to the total cost. There’s also apparently some incompatibilities with Sandisk Ultra and Samsung Evo cards. Oh, and be sure to get one that’s rated for Class 10.

Aukey Dash Cam Review

The back of the dash cam features a large screen and four buttons. The screen shows you what you’re filming but also has an auto-off feature, which is a nice addition. 10 minutes of footage works out to be about 1GB of data – so factor that into your MicroSD card consideration. Fortunately, you can set it to automatically overwrite your oldest footage. Just keep that in mind if you capture something important to transfer it to your computer (or smartphone) before then.

Common MicroSD Card Sizes + Prices (Amazon)

8GB = 1 Hour 20 Minutes – Roughly $14.
16GB = 2 Hours 40 Minutes – Roughly $15.
32GB = 5 Hours 20 Minutes – Roughly $25.
64GB = 10 Hours 40 Minutes – Roughly $35.

You can control the timestamp on the footage, and also connect it to an external GPS if you want exact positioning on the footage. The Aukey Dash Cam also has a built-in G-Sensor that can detect incidents if they occur.

Aukey Dash Cam Quality

The camera features a 1080p Sony Exmor IMX323 CMOS sensor. It captures video in wide angle (170-degrees) at 30 frames-per-second, while also offering 720p at 60FPS. The 2.19MP camera has a large 1/2.9-inch sensor which results in really solid low light performance. The image quality is surprisingly good. During both sunny and cloudy days, the footage is clear and high quality. The colours aren’t perfect, but that’s hardly an issue for a dash camera. At night time, the large sensor actually performs quite nicely in city settings. In more rural areas, it’s not nearly as great as there’s not as much ambient light – but is still serviceable.

Aukey Dash Cam Review

The built-in microphone is terrible at best. The sound is muffled and muted without much clarity. For the purpose of ‘listening’ in event of an incident – it will be fine. But don’t expect to capture great audio on that viral video that happens in front of you. The mounting options are nice, but the build quality of the mounts is suspect. That also applies to the cable management clips.

The Aukey Dash Cam is a great little budget friendly device that will help you immensely when you need it. Having the recordings of an ‘incident’ will help you with your insurance company. It also helps to piece together a situation and determine what really happened. It lacks a lot of features of more expensive dash cams – but the camera quality and low price make it a great little device for people who drive a lot!

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