Let me address the one question that will naturally come up… “How can you make pasta any easier?” It’s a completely valid question and one I had as well. Barilla Pronto isn’t so much about making cooking pasta easier (though it is) as much as it’s about making your post-cooking life easier.

Barilla Pronto is this new type of pasta that cooks up in ONE pan. You don’t need to pre-boil the water. There is no draining of water involved. You can even add any of your ingredients while it’s cooking to create a full one pan meal in 10 minutes! It’s ideal for any guy needing to put together a meal quick. Perfect for college students cooking on a hot plate. Ideal for the busy parents that need to cook a quick meal for themselves and their kids.Barilla Pronto

Cooking Class with Barilla Pronto

Zach Cooking with Barilla ProntoHere’s how it works. First, you decide how much pasta you want to cook – the box advises between 1/4 and the whole box. Depending on that, you add in cold water that corresponds. Using a frying pan/saute pan is ideal. You turn the heat to medium-high and start cooking. While that’s happening you can add in any ingredients you want in there. I throw in some veggies, sometimes butter, sometimes tomato sauce. You can swap the water for broth. Then after about 10 minutes, the pasta is ready, the liquid absorbed and your veggies are cooked. You’re ready to eat!

The pasta itself is delicious. The texture/flavour is no different than pasta that requires straining. It’s just faster, and besides the one pan – there’s no extra clean up. Amazingly, the price point is the same as the draining kind. Wild to see innovation coming with no price increase. Naturally, check your grocery stores for the product – more likely in Loblaws/Sobeys and the like (vs No Frills). Comes in four types right now including Spaghetti, Rotini, Penne and Macaroni.