I’m about to teach your how to make the Best Cold Brew Coffee EVER! Cold brew coffee has only recently entered the minds and mouths of the masses in the last year or so thanks to a couple major Kickstarter campaigns and largely due to Starbucks releasing their own variety in stores (at a premium price). Cold brewing is something that people have been doing for years, and it is by far the best iced caffeinated beverage you will have all summer. Cold brewing relies on time to bring out the flavour and caffeine of coffee grounds rather than hot water, and the result is a lower acid, sweeter and incredibly smooth coffee (almost creamy tasting. After experiencing an iced cold brew coffee, you will never be able to go back to frapps or iced coffees any other way.

Not only is cold brew coffee the superior summer coffee experience, but it’s also incredibly easy to make. Today, we’ll show you how to make the best cold brew coffee ever.

1. The Coffee Bean


The first thing you need is a great coffee bean – and we definitely recommend either a bold bean or even better, an espresso bean. You want them to be unground for the best experience and to get the best flavours. Pre-ground beans lose a lot of their flavour over time.

2. Grounding


Ideally, you want to grind your own beans in a burr mill grinder set to a coarser setting. Grounds made for drip machines, or espresso are too fine and not ideal for your own cold brew. Most burr mill grinders have 8-16 settings depending on the machine, and the absolute best setting is 12-14.

3. Ratio


Once you’ve ground your beans, you want to add roughly 3/4 cup of the grounds into a 1L Mason jar. Mason jars work best as they are sealed from the elements, and you can ensure the inside is sterile and clean. From there, you will add roughly 3.5 cups of cold, filtered water, which should nearly fill the 1L Mason jar. It is imperative that you use filtered water, as tap water has impurities that will detract ever so slightly. (This is the BEST cold brew coffee remember!) Put on the lid, seal and shake it up slightly to ensure all the grounds have been saturated in the water.

4. Time


Now, take your cold brew mason jar, and place it in the fridge. You’re going to leave this in there for roughly 12-to-16 hours, so making it right after dinner means it will be ready when you wake up the next day. Put it in the lowest section of the fridge – you want it kept at a stable cold temperature, but not near the cold air outlets.

5. Filtering the Best Cold Brew Coffee


Now that you’ve waited 12+ hours, the cold brew is nearly ready. You are going to need to filter out the grounds and the best way to do that is with a french press. Most common french presses are roughly 1L in size, making it a perfect companion to the cold brew process. Once you have pressed the cold brew, you should pour liquid into a sealable container – either another mason jar, or better yet a bottle with a swingtop closure for easy pouring and sealing.

6. Serving the Best Cold Brew Coffee


The best cold brew coffee is now done, and as long as it’s sealed and kept in the fridge will keep for weeks – though, once you have one glass, it probably won’t last long! The cold brew is actually a concentrated coffee so you should dilute it down by either adding some additional cold filtered water in your glass, or adding milk. Skim milk and cold brew coffee go so perfectly together, with a few ice cubes. If you want to sweeten it, you can either create a quick simple syrup, or what we like to do is a little caramel syrup.