When you think of surfing, the first spot most people think about include California or Australia for obvious reasons. Surfing has a stereotypical lifestyle attached to it that include blonde hair, sun and a lot of ‘dude’ – which lend themselves to the previously mentioned places. That said, Canada has one of the best places to surf in the world, along with a bunch of other locations that are really solid too.

Reef teamed up with several Canadian surfers to find the best spots to surf Canada, and in the process produced a really incredible video. The surfers featured in the video include Pete Devries, Michael Darling, Logan Landry and Shannon Brown.

Surf Canada: Tofino, British Colombia

Surf Canada Tofino

The surf capital of Canada, and widely regarding as one of the best places to surf in the world is located in Tofino, on Vancouver Island. The area is stunning, the views are picturesque and the waves are pretty epic. Best of all, it’s probably one of the warmer areas to surf in Canada, especially in the warmer months.

Surf Canada: Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia actually has several areas that are great for surfing, but the best of the bunch is probably Ingonish Beach due to it’s relative remoteness. The best time to surf is during the late summer (during Hurricane season) and into the winter.

Surf Canada: Habitat 67, Quebec

It seems crazy to imagine that Quebec would have anywhere to surf, but be prepared to have your mind blown. On the Lachine Rapids near Montreal, a fast current section of the river meets with large rock formations underneath the water to create one consistent unending wave, up to 2M high. The so called ‘Standing Waves’ can be ridden for up to half an hour or longer!

Surf Canada: Kincardine, Ontario

With waves up to 3M high, Kincardine’s surfing can be some of the best in country. Surfers will particularly love the fact that the water underneath the waves is very deep as the drop from the shallow area is rather quick. One of the best parts about Kincardine surfing is the access to washrooms, parking, hot showers, restaurants and more very nearby.

Surf Canada: No Surf At All!

Reef Canada Surf Canada

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