In a surprise announcement, Google revealed a new wireless router they have created with their partner TP-LINK, and they promise it will completely change your home WiFi experience for the better – evidently, much better too. The Google OnHub offers you fast, uninterrupted WiFi that will mean you never need to worry about video buffering. It enables you to prioritize your connected devices to ensure the ones that need a solid connection most get it. It also features a new circular antenna design that will create a wider range of reliable WiFi through 13 total antennas – six 2.4GHz, six 5GHz and one ‘congestion-sensing’ antenna.

As Google does, they have made this device incredibly simple to setup and control. Running through a single app on your smartphone or tablet, the OnHub enables you to set up the device easily, set safe passwords, and automatically diagnoses any problems you might be having and lets you know how to fix them. Additionally, the OnHub will update to the latest firmware automatically – ensuring it is somewhat future proofed. It also includes Bluetooth Smart Ready, 802.15.4 and Weave to again keep you connected well into the developing future of devices.

The OnHub will be available in Canada in the next few weeks for $270.