One of the nice things about the increased push towards green energy is the development of new solar products that are portable, durable and dropping in price – which is part of the market that the Boulder 30 Solar Panel is targeting. The Boulder 30 Solar Panel is a highly portable and very durable product designed to give you power for small devices while off the grid. While it’s not the kind of panel that you’re going to install at home to power your fridge – you can chain up to 4 of them together for higher and faster charging times. For those who want mobile power for their small devices while on the go, this is an ideal thing to take with you!

Boulder 30 Solar Panel Features

The Boulder 30 Solar Panel out of the box looks impressive – constructed with an aluminium frame and tempered glass, it almost looks like a tablet at first glance. 21 inches wide, 18 inches long and about an inch deep, the device packs some weight too at 6.5lbs. The panel is also waterproof. The panels don’t have their own on board battery or outlets, so in order to transfer your solar energy into use, you will need to invest into one of Goal Zero’s generators/battery banks.

Goal Zero Boulder 30

The Boulder Solar series (and most Goal Zero products) are designed with the user in mind – while there are other panels that are cheaper and provide higher wattage, there are few as easy as these to pick up and use immediately. Most panels require some knowledge of electricity and wiring, the Boulder Solar series is plug-and-play with simple connections that enable you to expand to add other panels to your system. If you want to upgrade, or expand, or grow your solar or battery, you can and it remains compatible.

Boulder 30 Solar Panel Quality

As previously mentioned, the quality of panel is second to none. I don’t imagine that I could easily break these things if I wanted to – granted, I’m not the strongest of men, so perhaps someone with more muscle mass could easily snap them. The black housing and black panels with yellow detailing looks very cool. Best of all, these are easily strapped to a backpack for mobile power generation (keep in mind, at 21 inches wide it’s about shoulder width in size.) The waterproofing works as intended.

Boulder 30 Solar Panel Performance

Performance wise, these small panels pack a powerful punch – being able to generate up to 30 watts of solar energy at max for a small panel is impressive. That energy gets stores in one of their battery systems for later use. To give an idea of what 30 watts can power here’s a list:

  • A clock radio runs on 10 watts.
  • Certain laptops run on 30 watts.
  • A ceiling fan at slow speed is about 30 watts.
  • You could run two or possibly three LED lights.
  • A Nintendo Wii runs at 20 watts.

However, more often than not you’re likely going to want to store that energy to charge up phones, tablets or other devices that need a consistent energy source. The panel does a great job at making that possible.
Boulder 30 Solar Panel

Overall, the only complaint one could have about the Boulder 30 Solar Panel is the price. The panels themselves will run about $300+ a piece, while a decent battery system to run them will add another $500+. That’s quite a bit more expensive than other on the market, but if your object is durable portability – this is the price you reasonably will have to pay.