Castaway remains one of the best ‘survive against the odds’ movies ever, and while the chances of any of us actually surviving a similar situation are slim to none, you can now live your Castaway fantasies with the comfort of knowing that someone is coming to pick you up in a matter of days/weeks. A creative tourism company called Docastaway offers a multitude of remote deserted island experiences all around the world. The company has spent years securing the access to uninhabited and isolated islands around the world (though, mainly in Indonesia and the Philippines). The result is an experience that is completely seclude, with nearly untouched land and beaches, and a promise from castaway tourists┬áto respect the land and keep it pristine during their time there.


Docastaway offers two ‘modes’ of survival tourism. One is called Comfort Mode, and the other is Adventure Mode. Comfort Mode is as the name says, more comfortable. The survival tourist would travel to a private island where they will be staying in a luxury bedroom and feel like they are on a secluded island. The experience comes with an all-inclusive treatment including local fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. The experience generally comes with electricity (generated on the island itself), running water and sometimes even an internet connection.

Adventure Mode is for someone who truly wants to experience deserted living. The survival tourist is generally taken to the secluded island with a guide (although not always) who will assist in surviving while there. Adventure Mode survival tourists will have access to a hut or sometimes a tent on the island, but will be responsible for foraging for their own food and water. While the guide will provide oversight and some assistance, generally they will encourage you to experience your ‘castaway’ experience on your own.Docastaway Survival Tourism

As previously said, their locations are around the world including: Several Indonesian locations, which is highly isolated and comes with a tent; Marooning Island, Philippines which has a bamboo style cottage and no guide at all; or even in Central America where you need to be airlifted via helicopter to the location.

Amazingly, the experiences come at a fairly reasonable cost – between $110 up to $360 Canadian per day (not including airfare to the nearest airport). Definitely something we want to do someday!

Learn more (or book your own, and bring us with?) here on their website.