If you’re unfamiliar with Casey Neistat, all you really need to know is that he is a film maker with an impeccable knack at creating viral videos including one of him crashing his bike into a police car, snowboarding on the streets of New York, and using the money for an ad to go on a 3 day round the world trip (which ended up being the ad itself). You should also know that Casey Neistat started daily vlogging 114 days ago to do two things: to make a new movie every single day and to promote his new business.

Casey’s has teased the audience for weeks on end about his new app revealing minor details including a name roughly a week ago and other details since then. That said, redditors managed to figure out the name, estimated date of launch and other details such as the patent application and app name weeks ago, leading to speculation and assumption on what the app could be. Today, all speculation was finally put to rest as Casey Neistat’s Beme has arrived on the App Store. Beme, (pronounced Beam) is a kind of stripped down Snapchat focusing on authenticity rather than vanity to make it’s mark.

Casey Neistat's Beme

Beme works by removing the ability to scrutinize the pictures and videos you take. Instead, the app records 4-second videos live by activating the proximity sensor on your iPhone. Think of it like when you take a phone call, as you put the phone to your head the screen turns off, and in the same vein that’s how Beme works. You are never intended to look at the screen of the video you are taking. A selfie video requires you put it up against a wall, or just a casual video of you at the park means you hold it to your chest. Your video is then sent out to your friends. Once the 4 second video has been sent out, your friends can ‘react’ to the video by tapping on the screen to take shots from the front facing camera which are sent back to you. And when your friends let go of the image, the video is forever deleted a la Snapchat.

In addition to his vlogs-as-promotion, his vlogs have seen a regular stream of content creators who he may have signed up as ambassadors for the platform including Jerome Jarre and Ben Brown. Beme is a bold idea. In essence, Casey Neistat is asking its users to ignore any vanity they may have and just put themselves out there for all to see. That may be a struggle for many, especially in a world so obsessed with selfies, filters and vanity metrics (followers, likes etc). While that bold ambition is certainly something to be admired and aspired to, in reality it may not be so simple. Whether or not Beme ends up being a success is undetermined, but one thing we are sure of – the heart of this app is in the right place.

Other things to note: Beme is currently only available for iPhones. The initial release is now available, but Casey Neistat admits this first version is a ‘hot mess’ and has an updated version coming next week. Lastly, the app requires that you have a code to get in from an existing member. (We may have a couple codes though so leave a comment!)

You can download Beme from the App Store here.