The act of buying a mattress can be quite scary – what other item do we use 8 hours a day, that determines if we feel good in the morning, that we share with significant others, and is responsible for cradling us at our most vulnerable? Now combine that with the fact that everyone’s body is different and everyone sleeps differently. The result is a lot of unsure buying decisions. This is where Casper aims to simplify and take the stress out of the experience. Today, we present our Casper Mattress review.

I purchased my bed roughly a decade ago. It was a decision made in haste, based on the advice of the commissioned salesperson, and constrained by the budget of a college kid. The ‘firm factor’ mattress (which he said would support my scoliosis best) and mismatched box spring cost $822.57. Overall, 7 out of 10 sleeps were solid. Years later, I have empirical evidence to support my overall rating on that bed compared to the Casper Mattress that I am currently sleeping on.

What is Casper

Casper Mattress Box

Casper is a New York based company that is aiming to carve out a section of the mattress market for their unique offering – a mattress that ships in a box the size of a bar fridge. On first glance, it’s a little confusing how that could be possible until you realize that the mattress is made of a latex and memory foam mix. In the unboxing video, which you can view above, you can see how it is compressed and squeezed down. The mattress itself comes in any size you could want ranging from Twin to Queen and even Cali King, and while the size of the box is scaled based on the size of the mattress the overall experience will be the same.

How to Set it Up

The mattress comes ready to set up after it’s been opened. The only prerequisite is that you set it up on a firm, solid surface such as the ground, a box spring or as is in my case, a foundation is best. The mattress only has one way to sit – face up, however if you sleep solo on the bed and on one side only, then they do recommend a twice a year 180-degree rotation.

How it Looks


The bed looks quite premium thanks to the exterior cover. The classy grey design around the sides looks very nice and is a very solid improvement over the typical floral design of mattress materials. While you are going to want a fitted sheet to go over it to protect it, if that slips off or needs to be washed I wouldn’t feel silly about people seeing it. The top also looks really nice with a dimpled, white surface. The bottom looks to be a more durable material with a zipper that would give you access to the foam mattress.

How it Feels

Sitting on the edge of the bed initially had me worried on how much it ‘sunk’, until I realized that was all my weight concentrated on a single spot. Upon properly lying down on it though, the compression wasn’t drastic at all – in fact, it sort of felt like you would expect it to, cradling you in place. Casper mattresses are engineered with only a single firmness, a kind of ‘Goldilocks’ zone that they say based on research will serve 99% of people with the proper firmness. That ‘one firmness fits all’ belief certainly applied to me, and I’m a special case because of my scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

My first test with it was on a very hot day, and I was concerned that it might not breathe – but I experienced no noticeable difference in warmth of the mattress. Getting out of the bed took a minor adjustment instead of just ‘springing’ out, you slip out of it, which was something I got used to in a couple days.

How it Sleeps


When I first posted my unboxing video, people immediately responded saying how much they loved Casper mattresses. That night, I put my head down on the Casper, and fell asleep relatively quickly. I slept very soundly that night and woke up happy, rested and felt better than I had in weeks. The next night was more of the same. The third was solid too. Night four, I did a bit of tossing and turning, but ultimately slept reasonably well. The bed is best when you sleep on your back, I found it a little bit less comfortable when sleeping on my sides – not terrible, just different. And in the rare occasions I sleep on my stomach, it was comfortable, but for the sake of my spine (and yours) I wouldn’t suggest it.

I used a sleep tracker prior to receiving the Casper, so I have relatively solid data related to my sleep. After a week of using Casper, my sleep quality according to the device has indicated that my ‘Sound Sleep’ increased by 10%, and my ‘Light Sleep’ increased by 3% when I compare the last week of my spring bed to the first week with Casper. Overall, my sleep quality has improved massively based on that data. A week later still, and those numbers still hold true (with only one night that was ‘bad’, but still better than the average on the spring mattress.)

Other Things to Know

Needless to say, buying a mattress without having tested it can be a major fear for many – however, Casper offers a 100 night sleep guarantee. If at any time before 100 days you’re unhappy, just let them know. They will remove the bed (free of charge), donate it to a local charity and refund your money. That’s a pretty solid commitment. They also have a detailed FAQ that goes in depth into any other questions you might have. Casper also offers free two-day shipping, so you’ll have your bed ASAP.


Casper Mattress Review

I am incredibly happy to be sleeping on a Casper mattress. The bed looks and feels premium, and so far has slept better than my coil based mattress ever did. Toronto weather has been a mix of warm and cold of late, so it’s really given me an opportunity to try it in all temperatures and each sleep has been solid. My major concern was my back and how it would feel, but it’s been fantastic. The price points are in-line with market prices, and the 100 night guarantee is comforting. Overall, I would definitely recommend this bed to friends and family.

As an added bonus, you can get $50 off of your bed, taking the prices even lower. Just click here to be redirected to their site.