Saturday, February 29, 2020



Prodigy Review – An Education Math RPG

Growing up in the 90s meant I spent most of my childhood without technology. When I went out to play with friends, there was...

Wellograph Smartwatch

The Wellograph Smartwatch takes the concept of the smart watch and gives it a very distinct purpose - your health. The Wellograph tracks your...
DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro Just Killed the GoPro Karma

DJI just revealed their latest drone - the DJI Mavic Pro. It may have also just killed the GoPro Karma before it has even...
Muse Review

Muse Brain Sensing Headband Review

As I sit quietly at my desk, eyes closed, focusing on nothing but counting the number of breaths I'm taking, the sound of a...

Astro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are rapidly become a must-have item in your home as people continue to ditch the bulk in their lives and replace them...
Unboxing Homido VR V2

Techmas 2016 Giveaway: Unboxing Homido VR V2 Headset

You can buy the Homido VR V2 Headset from Best Buy Canada $100 (CAD) or from Best Buy US for $80 (USD). When I ask...

Avegant Glyph, Portable Movie Theater

A couple years ago, I saw a demo product that was meant to be a home theater that you wear and I don't think...
Best Buy Life Tech Show

Best Buy Life Tech Fashion Show

Yesterday, Yonge Dundas Square saw it's second annual Best Buy Life Tech Fashion Show. The event combines the runway with wearable tech products and offers the opportunity ti...
Tech Reviewers

Tech Reviews are Hard!

When you are contemplating buying a new smartphone, drone or other pieces of tech - most people first look online. They seek out tech reviews...
Jaybird X2

Techmas: Unboxing the Jaybird X2 Headphones

Techmas Day 8 features the Jaybird X2 Headphones, you can get them at the TELUS Connected Experience Concept Store at the Eaton Centre. When I was a...
TP-Link Archer C9 Review

TP-Link Archer C9 Router Review

One of the most underrated pieces of technology that enable our wonderous access to the Internet is a router. Often, we get a router...
Shaq Best Buy

Monster Superstar Speaker

The Monster Superstar Speaker is 5" long, and weighs just 226g. Compare that to Shaquille O'Neal who is is 7'1" tall and weighs 325lbs....