CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the greatest event for tech in the world. Every year, journalists, tech addicts, PR and influencers flock to Vegas for the 4-day event. There, they experience and learn about the latest and greatest technology that is coming soon. For anyone who covers tech, it’s especially exciting because it provides insight into what’s coming. For everyone else, it’s interesting but perhaps a little too complicated to understand. That’s where we’re here to help – we’re breaking down all of the best CES reveals with a single sentence explaining what they do. No talk about battery life, or screen resolution. Just at the core, what it is and if you should be excited for it!


Samsung QLED TV’s are thin and brighter than anything they’ve done in the past.

CES Faraday Future FF91 Car

Faraday Future FF91 Car
They showed off their exciting new car, the FF91 but they botched the presentation of it pretty hard.

CES Acer Predator 30-inch Monitor

Acer Predator
The Predator 30-inch gaming monitor has eye tracking technology to use your eyes as a new control method.

CES ODG Mixed Reality Glasses

ODG Mixed Reality Glasses
They’ve developed mixed reality glasses that look a little ridiculous and cost a heck of a lot.

CES Kuri Robot

Kuri is a nanny robot that watches your kids and pets when you’re not home.

CES PowerVision PowerRay

PowerVision PowerRay
The PowerRay underwater drone can shoot 4K video up to 30M deep and has an optional sonar to find and track fish.

CES Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number 360
The 360 is a smart bed that tracks your body heat to activate warming if your feet get cold, and adjusts the bed position if you start snoring.

CES Moen U Showerhead

Moen U
This smart showerhead sets the water temperature and alerts you when you’ve showered enough.

CES Fove 0

Fove 0
It’s a VR system with eye tracking built-in that was originally funded on Kickstarter.


It’s a very thin TV, 2.57mm thin to be exact.

CES LG Airport Robot

LG Airport Robot
It’s a robot that goes around airports offering people information.

CES Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate
The biggest USB flash drives ever with up to 2TB of storage, but you’ll pay thousands for it.