There’s always going to be a debate on what you should wear during the end of the world – do you go for something military based like a camo jacket, or do you opt for something a little but more commuter. Well, that decision has now been answered for you with the Condition Black jacket by UK based Vollebak.

The Condition black is the ultimate survival jacket designed for both warm and cold climates. Parts of the jacket are designed to stay cool to the touch, preventing body heat loss, while it’s also waterproof and wind resistant – yet still breathable. The jacket also has waterproofed seams, neoprene surrounds, an articulated hood (that can be used in combination with a helmet, and a fastener around the eyes to use with goggles). It also features 4 pockets, all of which are waterproofed.

Condition Black Top

The Condition Black jacket is designed┬áto be virtually indestructible through a combination of fabrics and materials that include ‘Ceraspace’ and ‘NanoSphere’, as well as nylon and fleece. There’s actually a ton of science behind the jacket that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in the only jacket you’ll ever need to survive the apocalypse! But, we’ve covered those two mentioned above in as simple a way as we could.

Condition Black Apocalypse

Ceraspace is a very unique material that does a few different things – first off you’ll see the difference as the ceramic particle panels are 3D in nature, the jacket incorporates 19 of these panels and they offer protection unlike anything else. The only material harder is diamond, so having them built into the design at traditional ‘rip’ points helps to make this jacket perfect for the apocalypse. The Ceraspace is also water repellent and heat resistant, yet flexible and breathable.

NanoSphere and Ceraspace in the Condition Black Jacket

The NanoSphere coating on top of the soft shell gives the jacket a microscopic mountain range style of finish, which has water run off and prevents dirt from sticking. That material and coating is both windproof (98%) and water repellent while it remains breathable, and heat retaining.

Overall, it will run you about $1100 so it’s no small investment – but keep in mind, during the end of the world are you really going to worry about all the cash you spent on a jacket that’s going to keep you alive?