If you’ve been contemplating buying a Dyson vacuum, but paused due to the size of the typical Dyson units compared to the small size of your condo – you’re in luck as a new, smaller, sleeker and more efficient Dyson Small Ball is coming to North America. Unveiled earlier this month in the UK, the new Dyson Small Ball is 30% smaller than their previous ‘small’ upright, weighs just 12lbs, and is also 30% quieter than the previous iteration. That said, regardless of the small size and sound, Dyson says that the performance is better than ever.

Other features of the new Dyson Small Ball include a cable, wand and hose that extend out to 42 feet (which is nearly twice as long as the previous unit). It also stands just over of 2.5 feet tall when in compact mode. Naturally, it includes it’s Ball technology, a hygienic bin emptying system and their solid five year warranty.

Dyson Small Ball

Now naturally, the real question is whether or not it is a worth the expense considering the price for one of these units is $550 (available online today, and in stores across the country by end of the month). There is something to be said about being a brand that brings about new technology to the market – much like Apple did with the smartphone, you’re able to ride a premium price point indefinitely as being the market leader, and surely there’s some of that in the overall cost of Dyson products. But, that said Dyson vacuums have been compared to every single other vacuum on the market and it consistently comes out on top (only Miele ever gives it a run for it’s money). That makes it a pretty solid purchase in terms of it’s track record.

We’ll hopefully get our hands on one of these units in the near future to provide you with a more detailed review of the Dyson Small Ball, but for now, we’ll rely on their track record. If you happen to purchase one, or you own a current Dyson product let us know in the comments below what you think and your experiences with them as a brand!

You can buy Dyson vacuums from Amazon.