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We are always seeking new contributors to Guy Maven and encourage you to join our team!

Becoming a Contributor

1. Start by clicking on the “Join” button in the top left, then click “Register“. Then enter your email address and a username.
2. Now wait a few minutes, and check your email and you’ll be provided with a link that will allow you to create a password.
3. At this point, please drop us a line at We will need to move your account into a contributor position.
4. Now, log in and update your profile to include social media accounts, a profile and a bio.
5. Now you can freely write anything you like – when you’re ready for it to publish, just click submit and our editor will review and post.

Why Write for Us?

Guy Maven has a global audience, with particularly large readerships in North America. As part of the Guy Maven writing team, you will be prominently displayed to business leaders, decision makers and colleagues. You can use your writing samples to demonstrate your talent to other writing opportunities and leverage our traffic to help grow your own personal blog following, your business, your followers on social media and your clout.

Additionally, we will forward great opportunities to review products, attend events, and receive other perks to our top tier writers – so the earlier you get involved and the more frequent you post, the more often we will reward you!


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