I’ve had my share of dates with women from around the world. A Brazilian beauty who loved to dance; A Jewish gal with a unique view of the world; An English woman who was all things classy; and an Eastern European girl who changed my view on what fun could be, to name a few. In some cases these dates have been something that lasted an evening, or a week, or a few months and in some occasions, years. But, while women from around the world have unique benefits and drawbacks, I keep finding myself returning to the only kind of women that have been the full package – women from Toronto. Without a doubt, you should absolutely date a girl from Toronto if you run into one. No matter where you are in the world, a Toronto girl will offer you so many benefits, with few drawbacks – a mix of Toronto’s worldliness combined with Canadian upbringing magically collide to make a near perfect woman. Here are the top five reasons why you should be dating a girl from Toronto!

1. Career Driven

Toronto women are generally highly motivated in their careers. No matter their career paths, Toronto’s single gals have a laser focus on building a better life for themselves – in many cases breaking beyond the glass ceiling and earning more than their male counterparts. While lesser men may be intimidated by career successful and higher income women, the reality is it’s something to celebrate. She’s likely not comparing you to her income if you offer value as a partner – and vice versa. But be aware, if you hinder her ability to grow, she’ll likely cut the anchors holding her back.

2. Intelligent

The long and the short of this is that Toronto born women grow up with an all around knowledge – both street and book smarts are deeply ingrained in the Toronto culture. They are more likely to reject games, make decisions based on information rather than emotion, and be far more grounded than ladies from other places. Toronto is not a ‘tough’ city, nor is it a dangerous one, or one with many major problems – but somehow, the culture of Toronto encourages women to develop their mental prowess in a perfectly balanced way that give them an edge on all things ‘life’.

3. Classy Beauty

There are two places in the world where women can dress down, or dress up and yet still exude a truly classy beauty – New York City and Toronto. Other cities are prone to overly dyed hair, fake breasts, excessive (and cheap) nails/hair extensions/eyelashes – but Toronto women know they are beautiful without having to do too much. Oh, sure you can head down to Cabana Pool Bar and see some fakes, but there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows she’s beautiful without caking on the makeup, add ons and slutty dresses. Toronto girls are fantastic!

4. Toronto Multiculturalism + Canadian Upbringing

Toronto is well known and celebrated for its multiculturalism, and Canada has earned a reputation as being a kind nation. Both of these traits play perfectly with Toronto women! Not only are most Toronto women far more worldly, even if they haven’t traveled, but their willingness to experiment, try new things and explore unique experiences should be celebrated. US born women often fear trying things as simple as ‘sushi’ or Hookah – Excuse me? I am not a hooker! Actually happened. If there’s something she isn’t interested in trying, she’ll politely let you know that she’s not interested (or if she’s not interested in you.) There’s no blow off, there’s no rudeness, just a polite – no thanks. Hopefully the men reading this acknowledge and accept what a gift a kind rejection is!

5. Ready for All Seasons

While the penis may say that women in Miami or somewhere in California are sexier because they are wearing less – the reality is a woman who can dress for all seasons is a lot more tolerant of changes than their southern counterpart. Yes, a woman who is ready for scorching hot temperatures, rain, wind and snow will also be a lot more ready for things that may come up in your relationship. It’s true – the fact that they live through four seasons gives them a powerful ability to deal with change and the unexpected. Appreciate the fact they are ready for any weather (and give them some extra credit that they still look amazing in a parka and toque!)

Toronto Women – simply put, the best women to date!

Photo credit to Alvin Woon.