Dyson continues to deliver quality updates to their line of air moving devices, and their latest is the Dyson Pure Cool Link. This fan is unique as it’s their first air purifying device and is also smart enabled. I’ve been using the fan for just about two weeks now, and it’s so far been an incredible performer. But before we get into the full review, let me give you a little background on my experience with Dyson.

I’ve had a Dyson fan for over three years now, and it has been incredibly reliable. I use it every night, and nearly every day during the warmer months – so I’m what you could call a ‘power user’. After an estimated 5000 hours of use, it still works as well today as it did when it was brand new. That’s huge considering prior to owning a Dyson, I would burn out a fan about once a year – granted they were always $50 dollar fans, but the fact remains.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Design

The first thing I noticed on unboxing was the increased size of the Dyson Pure Cool Link (TP02) vs the size of the original Dyson Tower fan (AM07). The air blade remains the same as does the footprint, but the base was fully bulked up – as I quickly learned, that’s what houses the HEPA air filter. At the bottom, it features a small LED screen that displays the fan speed along with WiFi and automatic settings (we’ll get into that in the next section). The color of the Pure Cool Link is a bold, vibrant blue with dark grey accents. The fan overall only takes up an 8″ x 8″ circular space and thanks to it’s tall design fits almost anywhere. It’s by far the best looking and designed fan on the market.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Features

Dyson Pure Cool Link

As previously mentioned the Dyson Pure Cool Link adds the ability to purify the air with a built-in (but interchangeable) HEPA filter. The filter is rated for just short of 5000 hours, but life will depend on usage and air quality. The Dyson fan is also linked up to an app which really expands the overall value and use of the fan. In the box, you will also find an improved remote with multiple functions that include a power button, an “AUTO” mode, fan control speed, a timer control, oscillation toggle and a night mode. That’s a pretty impressive feature set for a fan that previous only had speed and oscillation controls. The one thing that’s not great about the remote is it’s place on the fan – through a small magnet it connects to the top of the fan. However, that magnet is super weak and any movement will cause it to fall off.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Performance

The fan comes with ten different fan speeds – 0 to 10, and obviously each one delivers a stronger air flow and sound to go with it. On it’s three lowest settings you almost can’t hear if it’s on or not, but you will feel it. At it’s highest, it’s a strong and powerful yet still relatively quiet. Check out the sound meter results in the images below as you go up each level.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Sound

Dyson Pure Cool Link Sound

Dyson Pure Cool Link App

The Dyson Link app really does deliver value for your investment – and make no mistake the fan isn’t cheap so it is an investment. The Dyson Link app is fairly easy to set up thanks to built-in WiFi in the fan that is smart enough to toggle between it and your home WiFi (note that it can’t run on 5G). Once connected, you’re able to see a wealth of information about the air quality in the city you’re in (provided by Breezometer), the temperature and humidity. That same data is checked by the fan itself from the room it’s in. Right now, the temperature in Toronto is 23C, Humidity is 43%, while inside my place it’s 23C and humidity is 44%. While the air outside is “Fair”, inside it’s “Good”.

Dyson Pure Cool Link App

The app also allows you to keep tracking your air quality even if the fan not on. The auto mode enables it to turn on automatically if the air quality gets worse. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that my air quality is generally good, but sometimes pushes into the fair, and once into the poor (when I was cooking and burned something – intentionally.. yeah that’s it.) Remotely, you can control the fan even when you’re not at home thanks to it’s smart connection to your own home WiFi.


Not only does the Dyson Pure Cool Link look incredible, but the feature set is impressive to say the very least. The ability to filter the air, control it remotely from the app, check the air quality and a wealth of other features make it ideal for anyone who cares about their health. It’s wildly practical for families, guys with cool apartments, and everyone in between. The only downside of the fan is the lack of improvement on the remote ‘holder’ magnet and I suppose the price is a bit restrictive for many people. But, as previously mentioned it’s an investment in your health with a product that will last for years to come.

Buy it here for $600 in Canada or $500 in the US.