One of the things I hate most about maintaining my own place is vacuuming. I’ve actually considered hiring a maid service just to handle the vacuuming (and dusting) around my place because that’s just how much I hate it. In fairness though, I have some clunky Walmart Special Bissell vacuum that I’ve had for years and not something that’s actually fun to use. So this morning, when the news of the new Dyson V8 launching broke, I immediately wondered if perhaps it was time to upgrade to something badass.

Dyson V8

The New Dyson V8

Dyson products have rapidly started entering the lives of myself and family members. By quick count, collectively there are two fans, one full sized vacuum, and one cordless vacuum. The Dyson V8 might just be the next one added to the list. This has to be the ultimate ‘guy vacuum’ mixing some incredible tech, with a device that just looks awesome. I’d probably hang it on my wall somewhere it looks so much like a piece of art! Alright, step back Zach you’re talking a little too glowingly and this isn’t a sponsored post (subtle dig).

Having used the original Dyson DC59 Motorhead (the 2-year old predecessor to this Dyson V8), I can tell you that it suffered from short battery life (20 minutes), and had some weird design elements to it. The Dyson V8 solves a lot of these. First off, the battery life has been doubled to 40 minutes, which alone is a massive improvement. The cleaning of the chamber has also been completely redone, and now features a hygienic dirt ejector, which basically just spits out everything into the trash without having to get your hands dirty at all. The Dyson V8 is also (apparently) half as loud as the previous model while maintaining it’s powerful suction. Look, I hate vacuuming and this thing makes me want to vacuum – so that’s impressive in it’s own right.

The Dyson V8 is available now in Canada for $700 and comes to the US later this fall.