Edge of Tomorrow has had a thrill ride in its tracking numbers that have only recently been edging upwards, but after seeing the Toronto premiere on Thursday night (where Tom Cruise himself introduced the film and snapped a selfie with the audience), the real thrill is the film itself! Edge of Tomorrow, which hits theaters on June 6th stars Tom Cruise (as Major Wiliam Cage) and Emily Blunt (as Rita Vrataski) with a small part for Bill Paxton, offers viewers a unique spin on the time loop theme that will keep you on the edge of your seat, scare you a few times, make you feel for the characters and also give you some laughs. When it comes to a fresh non-sequel based summer blockbuster, this is a major hit.


The setup is simple – the earth has been invaded by an alien force that humanity calls the Mimics. After suffering endless defeats and loss, finally some victory is found in the development of Mech-like human suits. Cage ends up in a situation where he loses his marketing role with the military and instead is being put on the front lines for an upcoming plan to take back Europe from the Mimics. With no military experience, Cage tries to talk his way out of it to no avail. The following day, the invasion begins – a futuristic D-Day. But unlike in WW2, there is no victory and instead a beach filled with Mimics who have anticipated the assault. The result is a bloodbath for the United Defense Force. cage manages to kill a couple Mimics before dying horribly only to awaken 24 hours prior to the invasion. 

Much like Bill Murray’s first day reset in Groundhog Day, Cage struggles to understand what is going on and finds himself in the exact same situation – this time he survives a little bit longer. Reset the clock. This time tries something different, ends up on the invasion front. Dies. Reset the clock. Finally, he encounters Rita  Vrataski who seems to understand what Cage is going through and tells him to find her when he wakes up. Death followed by the reset. As he plays out the possibilities, Cage dies resetting the clock and teaching him just a little bit more each and every time.
It’s almost like a very difficult video game set to hardcore mode with no checkpoints other than your own memories of what worked and what didn’t. Forget something and you’re back to the start. Make a mistake and you’re back to the start. Only through beating the situation can you get out of the loop. But if only it was that easy in Edge of Tomorrow.
Blunt’s character is bad ass, beautiful but not sexualized. She’s the ultimate female heroin. Cruise offers quality unseen in many years. Together, they take this movie to a new level. The movie is packed with incredible special effects, a plot that actually makes a lot of sense, tension, thrills, excitement and everything else you could want from a major blockbuster of the best kind. We loved Godzilla, but Edge of Tomorrow is on a whole other level. If there was anything to take issue with, is the finale – but that’s only a minor issue that serves to placate the majority if people who will see it.
Edge of Tomorrow is a must see and is certainly the early leader for the best of the summer.