Imagine you’re on vacation in the Maldives, and as you look out on the beach at night, you witness the entire beachfront glowing in blue. Curious, you walk down and witness a true sea of stars as the entire area along the shore is dotted with a blue glow. You have been lucky enough to witness a rare occurrence where microscopic life is creating bioluminescent light. It’s one of the most magical sights you’ll ever see, and while it can be spotted on beaches around the world (it’s even been observed in places like Florida and New Jersey), it occurs most commonly in the Maldives on the Vaadhoo Island, but the Maldives in general seems to experience the most occurrences of it.


Predicting when you might experience the Sea of Stars is tough, and there’s no guarantee that it even occurs during a calendar year. Simply stated, it’s a bit like winning the lottery – you may see just a little bit of it, or none of it, or luck out completely and see an amazing experience like the photos in this post. When you do see them on the shores, you’ll actually be able to create the glowing yourself – by simply swiping your hand in the water to introduce oxygen into it, it will start to glow for a short period of time.

Bioluminescent Beach

The bioluminescence is caused when marine based phytoplankton interact with oxygen on the surface near the beaches, which creates a small electrical charge that interacts with the proton inside the lifeform, it’s sometimes also attributed as a defense mechanism. The science is a little bit more complex than the beauty itself. It’s also generally not harmful to humans, however you may not want to scoop up a bunch and put them in your mouth.

See the Sea of Stars

This magical event, as previously mentioned, can be seen most often in the Maldives, especially on Vaadhoo Island, and generally between the months of July and February. If you are planning a trip to the Maldives any time soon, take note of that time frame and definitely hope that you get to experience this incredible bucket list item.