Hello to all you clueless kids (adult kids) looking for a Father’s Day gift for your old man! Hey, we get it… finding a gift for your dad can be tough. You want to find the right gift to say “Dad I love you, thank you” but also “Hey, this gift will help you lead a better life.” I mean, that’s what gifts come down to right? When you’re a kid, you want toys for your birthday because you’ll have more fun. Then as you get older, it’s about making life easier! So with that said…

Today, we’re excited to release our official Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2016 – a full-out menu of great gifts that every dad will love and will make his life easier today and well into the future! Whether your dad is a tech addict, loves the outdoors, or enjoys food, we’ve got something your dad will love!

Father’s Day Gift: Oakley EVZero Path with Prizm Road Lens

Father's Day Gift Oakley EVZero Path

Whether a golfer, a cyclist, or just a guy who spends time with sun in his eyes, a great pair of sunglasses is an ideal gift. Who doesn’t love some badass sunglasses? Personally, my dad ONLY wears Oakleys so I know he’s likely going to read this and want a pair. The Oakley EVZero Path with Prizm Road Lens are some of the lightest sunglasses on the market, weighing in at just 22 grams, while the Prizm Road lens offers protection and improves vision. The glasses are the combination of some impressive technology and lightweight design. Your dad is going to be the envy of every dad on the block. You can get them via for $215.

Father’s Day Gift: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Father's Day Gift Surface Pro 4

Does your dad need to upgrade from an old school ‘netbook’? Yeah, my dad needs an upgrade soon too… bring him up to a new level of computer technology with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This hybrid device is a tablet on its own, but has a keyboard case which delivers laptop like performance. The experience is flawless, the screen is outstanding and the battery is very solid. Dad will probably be okay with the m3 model, while you may just want to grab one for yourself right now with the i5 or i7 core if you’re a power user. It’s one of the best devices I’ve had the opportunity to use! Best of all, right now you can get the Surface Pro 4 on sale only at (they have free shipping, free returns and customer support available any time of the day!)

Father’s Day Gift: Roku Streaming Stick

Father's Day Gift Roku

The latest device from Roku takes their service to a new portable and convenient level. The Roku Streaming Stick is exactly as what you think it is: a small Memory Stick size device that connects directly to your HDMI port, and is powered via USB to MicroUSB connection (either to a powered TV USB port, or to a wall outlet – included). The device also comes with the a remote control too! Roku is the best streaming device on the market, and this device delivers that same high quality in a much smaller package. The Roku Streaming Stick retails for $60.

Father’s Day Gift: Leesa Mattress

Father's Day Gift Leesa

Your dad deserves the best night sleep, so help him up his sleep game with a brand new mattress. The Leesa offers a premium sleep experience at an affordable price. The makeup of the Leesa is 6″ of dense core foam that provides the base of the mattress, in the middle 2″ of contouring foam to support your body perfectly as you sleep and on the top, 2″ of cooling “Avena” foam that keeps you comfortable and feels incredibly soft. The entire Leesa mattress is lined with a super soft polyester-lycra blend fabric. The Leesa mattress is one the best, most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in and your dad will absolutely love it too.

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Father’s Day Gift: HelloFresh Food Delivery

Father's Day Gift Hello Fresh Coupon Code

There are few dad’s who enjoy food shopping – I mean, they exist, but on the aggregate most would prefer cooking/eating to the shopping. So, give dad a break from having to think of what to make for dinner tonight (and other nights) by hooking him up with a HelloFresh delivery service! Each box contains the ingredients necessary to create three meals for up to two people (for $80) or you can get a family pack that feeds 4 people for between $120-$140. Easy peasy – feed your dad for a few days, and he’s sure to be a happy guy!

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Father’s Day Gift: Life Experiences

Father's Day Gift Life Experience

One of the best things you can give your dad is a memory – increasingly people are looking to have greater experiences rather than acquiring things and Life Experiences is a company that caters directly to that. You can get everything from a chance to fly a plane, or drive a race car to fishing adventures and cooking lessons. The idea being that your dad gets to pick the thing he loves/wants to do – and then DOES it. The price points vary significantly depending on the adventure but no matter what he decides upon he’s sure to love the experience and remember it forever.

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