Fido Internet has officially launched in Ontario! Fido has rebranded over the last year to target the millennial market more than anything, particularly with their #GetCurious campaign which saw them be the major sponsor a variety of events including music event Bestival and YouTube based Buffer Festival. Now, they are making a further push into that market with new home internet service. I was lucky enough to be included on the first run of routers they sent out as a promotion for the launch – which I’ll show you shortly.

Now, Fido Internet isn’t available to all markets in Ontario, but if you’re an existing customer of Fido it would be well advised to check if it is available to you. Here’s the details:

  • Fido Internet comes in two different packages – one with 300GB of data and another with unlimited data.  The former is available to Fido customers for $50 ($70 for non-FIdo customers), and $65 for the unlimited package ($85 for non-Fido customers).
  • Speeds on both services are 30GB download, 5GB upload.
  • They run on the Rogers Cable lines.
  • Prices include the WiFi modem and activation fees.
  • There is no contract, you’re free to leave at any time.

To celebrate the launch of their new Fido Internet, they connected with a few different Toronto based influencers as well as a YouTube based launch partner. Toronto based Slow Clap, who’s viral hit included his grandfather being his wingman on dates, did a video where he tells his grandfather he’s a viral hit and they are now connected with Fido Internet. The video is fun, mainly because his grandparents are adorable.

In addition to this, they connected with us, and other Toronto based influencers to share the news with customized Fido Internet routers, displaying some of their Instagram photos. Here’s some images of those custom routers: