Five of the Best Products from CES 2016

Best of CES 2016

CES brings together technology in two categories – coming soon, and coming never but look how cool this is. The result of so much unique consumer tech all available in a single place makes it easy to spot the winners and the unfortunate losers. We’ve rounded out the top five best products from CES 2016, and naturally we have to also list five of the worst products from CES 2016 as well. These five products were major standouts to us and we’re really excited to see them in action hopefully by year end!

Parrot’s Disco Fixed Wing Drone

Parrot Disco Fixed Wing Drone

When we first saw the release of the Parrot Disco, we were enamored. A drone that not only can fly itself, but can be controlled by the user, flies for up to 45 minutes, has a camera and would be available in 2016 – it seems like a next level drone that strays from the quadcopter we’ve all come to know. We’re looking forward to hearing about the price point and availability date. The only thing we’re confused by – the name. But alas, with this kind of amazing next-gen drone, we can overlook it.

HTC Vive Pre

CES 2016 HTC Vive Pre

HTC brought an updated version of their Vive┬áVR headset to CES, and it makes some pretty important improvements based on the base HTC Vive. The HTC Vive Pre come with the headset, controllers, room scaling and adds to it a Passthrough Camera to prevent you from running into things outside your designated area, better display, better lenses, a better ergonomic design, and other features. There’s a lot to be excited for as VR certainly dominated CES 2016, and the HTC Vive Pre is one to watch!

Nikon KeyMission 360

CES 2016 Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon also made some big moves at CES 2016, by revealing a few different cameras and adding this pretty exciting 360-degree camera. The┬áNikon KeyMission 360 is a clear competitor to other 360 cameras and tries to improve upon their weaknesses. It has two cameras that stitch together to create a full picture, a microphone that is significantly better than others on the market and a slew of internal features for easy sharing and quality stable picture. Plus it offers 4K resolution (but keep in mind, that in a 360-degree picture, that’s more like 720p max).


CES 2016 ili

Ever wanted Star Trek’s universal translator to be real? Well, ili is one step closer to making it a reality. This device is the first ever device that you wear around your neck that can translate three different languages. It has no need for a WiFi connection to function, and instead has all the translation built in to the device. With current capabilities to translate in English, Japanese and Chinese, they’ll be adding French, Thai and Korean in the next version. So very cool!

LG’s Rollable Display

CES 2016 LG Rollable Display

It’s a piece of technology that is still years away from being realistic as a consumer product, but LG showed off their rollable display. The paper thin display showed off content at a lower resolution than the current day norm, (810 x 1200), but for something that could theoretically be rolled up into a small tube is pretty exciting.