Summer weather means a whole new regiment of men’s products that you should be using. Winter is harsh and requires some seriously strong products to survive unscathed, but summer, summer is far more gentle, delicate and sensitive. The warm moist air helps the skin heal faster, but it also encourages your body to sweat more often. In order to survive the summer, here’s Five Grooming Products for Summer you should be using for your daily grooming routine!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall


The latest offering from Gillette is the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. Now, we’ve seen additional blades added and vibrating handles, but this latest one adds a new way for the razor to glide perfectly along the skin. The Flexball works similar to the way a Dyson Vacuum is flexible, it allows 3 dimensional movement to the razor. If your skin contours, the ball helps flex to keep it pressed firmly against your skin. Keeping your skin irritation free is important in the summer, as sweat can certainly sting.

Order this new blade for about $15.


American Crew Daily Shampoo


American Crew Daily Shampoo has to be one of the cleanest feelings when you’re done using it. It probably has to do with the menthol that it has in it (make sure you find the one that does indeed list the menthol!) The light peppermint scent of this shampoo leaves you feeling refreshed, and even in the blazing sun, somehow manages to make you feel just a little bit cooler.

A 8.45 ounce bottle will run you about $25.


Fresh Balls


The boys need proper care during the summer, and using a new product like Fresh Balls will ensure you go your entire day feeling fresh! Yes, Fresh Balls is exactly what you might think it is – a solution for sweaty testicles. Fresh Balls applies like a lotion, then dries as a light powder, and then prevents sweat and chaffing from occurring. Never again will you feel the need to uncomfortably adjust your junk.

 A tube of Fresh Balls will run you $15.


Gillette Clinical Clear Gel


Gillette has also come out with a great product to help men combat the vicious evils of over sweating. For the first time, Gillette now has a Clinical Endurance Clear Gel deodorant-antiperspirant that will help control the problem of sweat. Applying this just before bed will give it more than enough time to work effectively in the morning as it does need some time to dry. With a fresh manly scent, this will quickly become your favourite item this summer to keeping a cool look in the heal.

You can get them in store for about $9.


Mangroomer Biz Wipes


Lastly gents, let’s talk about the rear. There is nothing worse than a miswipe leaving you scratching throughout the day, especially when it’s hot. Oh man now we’re talking about a horrible experience. The Mangroomer Biz Wipes in an executive scent, which I assume means money, is designed to keep you feeling clean. Now trust me when I say, once you start using a moist bathroom wipe you won’t know how you lived without! Fresh and clean, like you just got out of the shower!

A 50 pack of wipes will last you more than a month!


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