CES brings together technology in two categories – coming soon, and coming never but look how cool this is. The result of so much unique consumer tech all available in a single place makes it easy to spot the winners and the unfortunate losers. We’ve rounded out the top five best products from CES 2016, and naturally we have to also list five of the worst products from CES 2016 as well. The products on this list have a hint of a great idea, but in their current iteration, they just missed the mark.

Samsung Welt

CES 2016 Samsung Welt

The Samsung Welt has good intentions, but suffers for starters with a bad name – truly not sure why they thought this would be a good naming choice. The Welt tracks your eating habits and your waistline, as well as your steps as you walk around to provide you with insight on your eating/activity habits. While this is a prototype, if they ever want to have any success it can’t be a one feature device built into an accessory that often breaks down rather quickly. Instead, it would be better served as a device that can be incorporated into an existing belt.


CES 2016 Xcooter

Another terribly named device that we presume has to be (quite unfortunately) pronounced “X-Cooter”. All the reviews about the device have been positive, but we’re fairly certain they have been drinking the CES Kool Aid. The Xcooter is an X shaped powered mini bicycle with a 25 kilometer range. The major problem is how silly it actually looks along with a heavy price point of $1500. If you thought all the people riding around on ‘hoverboards’ was ridiculous, seeing anyone riding this will just put you over the edge


CES 2016 Clip-a-Phone

If you want to look absolutely ridiculous, strap your smartphone to the brim of your baseball cap and walk around. That’s exactly the idea behind the Clip-A-Phone, as this inexpensive plastic first person selfie stick enables you to turn your phone into a pseudo action camera. Then again, everyone used to the think the selfie stick was the worst idea…


CES 2016 SensorWake

Here’s an idea that may be on the leading edge of an exciting future, but in it’s current format it’s just too limited to be great. SensorWake is an alarm clock that wakes you with scent rather than sound. That’s why it’s both exciting and at the same time disappointing. We would love to see this technology applied to entertainment such as watching a movie, and experiencing the smells of the scene, for now though, it’s just a spritz of coffee/bacon Febreze shot in your face at a set time.

Digitsoles Smart Shoes

CES 2016 Digitsole Smart Shoe

The concept of the Digitsoles Smart Shoes is solid enough, a smart shoe would probably give you a lot of great insight into your daily steps – but the shoe itself is just awful looking. They would be best served to partner with a true shoe manufacturer before bringing the product to market. Cool stuff packed into a shoe aren’t enough to forgive the design.