If you’re a frequent traveler or know someone who is, you need to take a look at The Flight Pack. It’s the kind of simple carry on that makes life so much easier than anything else on the market. It’s compact, convenient and modular enough to be able to find ANYTHING in seconds. The Flight Pack is designed to last a long time. Quality components and materials are used throughout, and no corners are being cut. It’s the kind of product you buy once and use for the rest of your life. The designer, Gloria Chik, is Canadian who has been working on the idea for a while. Inspiration has clearly come from her own jet set lifestyle. It’s also been designed with intent by a Canadian and frequent traveler – Gloria Chik. Best of all, it’s available on Kickstarter (with Early Bird pricing!)

The Flight Pack Design

The Flight Pack

The exterior of The Flight Pack is high-quality vegan leather, with a gunmetal zipper, while the interior features microsuede. Together, that makes it water resistant and durable enough to last through even the most turbulent of travels. Its compact size comes in at 7 ½-inches (19cm) x 10-inches (25.4cm) x 3-inches (7.62cm), and features a variety of panels and slots.

Modular Interior

The Vanity Panel has a built in mirror, and space for your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other personal items. On the backside, is an elastic weave – perfect for loose items that are easy to lose in the bottom of your bag. The middle section has a space to snap down your earbuds for easy access. There’s also little compartments designed for chargers or other small items. There are also two interchangeable modular pieces that can customize the experience depending on your needs. One is perfect for pens, paper, and your passport. The other is for toiletries and grooming, with four refillable TSA friendly bottles. Two of the bottles are 98ml while the other two are 37ml.

The Flight Pack

Premium Quality for an Affordable Price

If you act quickly, you can buy The Flight Pack for the just $85CDN / $68USD / 57EUR as an early bird price. After that, the flat Kickstart price is $98CDN / $78USD / 66EUR. Once it goes into production, you’ll only be able to buy it for $140.

If you’re someone who travels a lot, then this can definitely be a major time saver. Most other travel style bags sacrifice quality for price, or they trade features/modularity in exchange for mass appeal. The Travel Pack is designed by a frequent traveler for frequent travelers. As such, you get the features you want, the durability and quality you would hope for, and at a price you don’t expect.

Go check out The Flight Pack on Kickstarter right now, as your chance to buy will close on September 6th, 2017!