If you ever get the chance to spend time at the Grey Goose Le Logis – TAKE IT! Le Logis, or “The Home”, is a property in the heart of the Cognac region that Grey Goose purchased in 2012. The idea was simple: restore this old 17th-century manor home into a premium destination that matches the quality of their vodka. I was lucky enough to travel with Grey Goose in September to spend two nights at Le Logis, and it’s an experience I will never forget.

Grey Goose Le LogisGrey Goose Le Logis

After arriving in Paris, we hopped on a train down to Angoulême, where we were met by a van that would take us directly to Le Logis. Alternatively, we could have flown into Bordeaux (an hour away from Le Logis), but the train gave us a great opportunity to see the country. If you’re trying to find Le Logis on a map, it’s not easy. First off, you need to find Julliac-le-Coq, a commune with a population of about 700. The community is surrounded as far as the eye can see with vineyards and other crops, with the occasional farmstead or old world stone buildings.

Grey Goose Le Logis Grey Goose Le Logis Grey Goose Le Logis Grey Goose Le LogisGrey Goose Le Logis

From the main road, it eventually comes into view – pale white stone walls and a few towers. Le Logis stands out like a gem among the fields. On rolling up, you pass under the wall through an open gate and you’ll instantly feel like 17th-century royalty. We were quickly greeted by our hosts Jean-Sébastien and Nadia Mélot, who invited us inside for a Grey Goose cocktail – one of dozens that would be consumed throughout the next two days. “Please, make yourself at home. If you are hungry, the kitchen is always open. Thirsty, the bar is always open. Enjoy the pool. There are bikes. Wherever you want to go, feel free.” Le Logis, true to the name, is home while you’re there.

The Grey Goose Le Logis Property
Grey Goose Le Logis Grey Goose Le Logis

We then hit the kitchen, which had a spread that consisted of every food you could ever want. Followed by a tour of the property and taking us to our rooms. Le Logis has 16 rooms available for guests so we all had our own space – which was lovely. Later, there was dinner and cocktails, and getting to know one another. The following day included the most amazing breakfast ever, followed by a class in baking fresh bread. After a delicious lunch and homemade creme brulee, the creator of Grey Goose, François Thibault, gave us a personal tour of the process it takes to make Grey Goose vodka.

Grey Goose Le Logis Grey Goose Le Logis

Finally, as a send off to summer, we enjoyed a cocktail party by the pool and a massive dinner. Everyone made toasts to new friends, family, health and of course, Grey Goose. If there was ever an experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life – this was it. Everything about it was fantastic. The food was out of this world. Everyone there were friendly and fun to hang out with. It was also educational, engaging and truly interesting to learn about making bread, about making vodka, and the history of the brand. Hey, even the WiFi connection was pretty good! Le Logis was home for two nights, and there won’t be a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could spend more time there!

My Grey Goose Le Logis Vlogs

I half wrote this blog post nearly a year ago after having returned from France. But I never posted this for one main reason – I shot all video, no images. A blog post without pictures isn’t much of a blog post at all. Now that it’s the year anniversary of that trip, I sat down and tracked down images via screencaps from my videos and also from others who were there at the same time. Big thanks especially to Liz for many of the images.