Kickstarter has become a haven for game developers wanting to ensure their ideas have appeal before spending countless hours and dollars unnecessarily. And as such, game lovers have found some incredibly games to support that may have otherwise not been developed. Halcyon 6 looks to be such a game. Proposed by the folks at Toronto based Massive Damage (who’s previous games include Please Stay Calm and Shadow Wars), Halcyon 6 is a sci-fi roguelike game that looks to have elements of survival, RTS, character leveling and even starbase + ship building.

The game looks to have a strong storyline along with enough to keep you coming back day over day – with what looks to be highly replayable. Having already achieved their $40K Kickstarter goal, Halcyon 6 will proceed and a set of stretch goals have been revealed. Based on the trailer itself, this game looks to have some truly incredible potential – and if we base it on Massive Damage’s previous work, Halycon 6 should certainly be a game that achieves that potential.

You can support and get a copy of the game (in December 2015) for $15 on Kickstarter.