Who’s on Tinder? If you’re single, you’re on Tinder. Every single person we know is on Tinder, and even a few people who are in committed relationships. The fun of swiping left and right, in a digital buffet of men and women is simply too much to resist. Well, you may have noticed that over the last few hours your Tinder app has been updated (or has an update waiting).

The app adds a few new features, and we’ll get into those features shortly, but we’re also going to preemptively recommend people not ever use these features as it pretty much means you’ve lost your mind – perhaps crazier than the owners of Tinder themselves.

Tinder has talked about adding premium features to their app for a while now, a supposed Tinder Plus (Tinder+) and it now seems they’ve released it. The update offers the following features:

  • Change Your Location – This features allows you to control where you swipe from. If you want to swipe from Vancouver, and you live in Toronto, you can. If you want to see the Tinder market in Australia, you can.
  • Undo Your Last Swipe – We’ve all been there, when you accidentally swipe the wrong way and potentially miss the love of your life. With this features, you can rollback to the previous person, and redo your pick.
  • Unlimited Matches – While no formal number has been announced, Tinder apparently has a metric that doesn’t provide you any more options after hitting a certain allotment. Tinder+ removes that limit.


Here’s the crazy part about all of this – if you’re under 30, it’s going to cost you $135.25 a year in Canada. Jesus Christ, that alone is insanity. Even crazier, if you’re over 30 years old, instead it will be $275.88 a year in Canada! Are the people at Tinder so disconnected from reality that they think this is reasonable? Do they think people are that stupid? If they had picked a price point in line with other dating sites – say $2 a month, it would generate a lot more sales. But at $12-$23 a month, they are absolutely insane.

Especially when you consider the Change Location feature can be done by other apps for absolutely free (simply search online for those apps.)¬†We’re not sure what’s going on at Tinder, but we’re pretty sure that Tinder ownership has lost their minds.

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