Every day, we get several different news releases talking about a piece of home automation technology designed to simplify our lives. In general, while these are all great and we’re certainly on board with the smart home revolution, the concept needs to be that it helps us automate everything and save time. Having twenty different apps to control 20 different smart devices doesn’t really improve anyone’s life. This is where Hive promises to change the game.

Hive Home Automation is a complete system that covers the spectrum of home security,┬áhome automation and home entertainment. The system starts with the Hive Hub, which includes ZWave, ZigBee, Bluetooth and WiFi connections, making it compatible with nearly every home automation product on the market (including Wireless Audio, Honeywell Security and a Cellular Backup). The system comes with a build in backup battery, ensuring a connection even if the power goes out, and with a full featured iOS and Android App, it’s ready to be put to work.

Hive is being backed via Kickstarter, and for $99 you get the Hub, a Wireless Speaker and the Hive App.