Hyundai HTRAC gets some major play in their latest spot, and in order to do it, they gave the entire project a TRON-like treatment. The entire spot is shot at night, using lights along the track and lights attached to the cars wheels – when the LED’s on the wheels change, you’re witnessing the changing power distribution. The effect is incredible, and is the first time you’re ‘seeing’ how the HTRAC system works – on bumpy roads, it knows to distribute the power to each tire properly, in rainy conditions it responds as well, and on cornering it gives you better control.

The overall spot just looks amazing too – longer exposures to create the “TRON” effect as the car speeds by, the night shots with the cool blue lighting, and the car tire lights were perfectly selected as well. The overall final product is one truly awesome looking ad, and a really unique way to demonstrating what no other manufacturer has done before. The Hyundai HTRAC Control the Lights spot is certainly a top competitor for a¬†clever, unique and creative car ad!

Check out their site for more information on HTRAC and a couple other video spots you’ll probably enjoy!