Perhaps you haven’t had an Innis & Gunn in a while – the Scotish beer has become one of the more popular imported beers in recent years! The original 6.6% Innis & Gunn is matured for 77 days in Bourbon casks and Over Bourbon-infused heartwood and is available almost everywhere. Now you can take that beer and great some really intriguing cocktails!

Right in time for the Holidays, Innis & Gunn has come up with a couple delicious drinks. Try one of these two Innis & Gunn Holiday Cocktails today.

The Rooibos Gunn Punch features I+G, Rooibus Tea, Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Apricot Gomme and a Vanilla pod.

Rooibus Gunn Punch

Or if that’s not your style, the I&G Egg Nog might be more to your taste. Eggs, Sugar, Whole Milk, Double cream, Vanilla, Bourbon and Innis & Gunn come together to make some cocktails for the entire family (well, those who are of drinking age anyway).

Innis Gunn Egg Nog

Innis & Gunn provided us a sampler pack to test out a few recipes and we selected these two based on those provided.