Old Spice really revitalized their brand thanks to the Isaiah Mustafa “I’m on a Horse” series of ads, capturing the intrigue of the advertising world trying to figure out how they did it, the hearts of women with his smooth voice and toned body, and men just enjoyed the commercial. They continued the win streak by bringing in Terry Crews for action packed, zany ads full of testosterone that probably brought in a younger demographic.

Well now, they are aiming for both – Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews fight in thisĀ Old Spice ad. It starts in true Isaiah Mustafa ad fashion with silky lines delivered to the audience, with offers of diamonds, hats that randomly appear, and sets that change in an instant – seemingly impossibly (view the making of video from one of the originals), until finally Terry Crews bursts through the water and the tension begins. Explosions, screaming and total insanity take over in true Terry Crews ad fashion.

It’s a great ad that’s sure to make you laugh, and hope they keep these two around as their ad guys forever!