Muskoka Brewery has rapidly become one of the most innovative breweries in Canada through a combination of clever marketing, packaging and naturally, quality beer. Their latest release is something they are calling the Muskoka Brewery Hoptorial – a 6-pack of three different India Pale Ales (IPA). IPA’s are a very hoppy style of beer, which to me taste a little bitter and really play with my palate.

The first time I ordered an IPA was about 7 years ago, I didn’t know what it was, but it was on sale (college days). I took a sip and immediately cringed – this was not what the beer that I had come to know (usually cheap lagers.) I took one more sip, and left the beer on the counter. I was disappointed in my choice. Several years later, I’m sitting here looking at a 6-pack of IPA’s and all I can think about is that first (and to this point last) experience. The package is incredibly cool, probably the best I’ve ever seen. Each side has different content ranging from the history of hops to the growing process, to the brewing process and technical details about the plant.

The beers, two each of Muskoka’s Detour, Mad Tom, and Twice as Mad Tom have sat in the fridge over the last couple days. I had one of each of the beers on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Detour was my first re-introduction to IPA’s. It’s a little sweeter, and definitely not as bitter as I remember – I drink the entire thing and enjoyed it. Mad Tom is a little stronger but not overwhelming, still managed to drink it all but certainly did not enjoy as much as the Detour. Twice as Mad Tom brings back the memories, I only manage to drink a quarter of it before I decide I’m not getting any enjoyment from it. IPA’s are not for me… while Detour was a beer I could drink again, I don’t know that I would actively seek it out. That’s not meant to be a slight against Muskoka Brewery – a lot of people love their IPA’s, but me, I just don’t have the taste for it. Maybe in the future I’ll come around to the whole IPA craze, but for now, I think I’ll stick with something a little more basic.

Check their website for more information on the Muskoka Brewery Hoptorial.

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