For the better part of the last year, I have been brewing my morning coffee in the slowest way possible. Grind fresh beans, heat water, add to french press, pour in water, wait, and drink. It’s a GREAT way to make an excellent cup of coffee! But, it’s slow, meticulous and creates dishes that I never want to wash – and that’s the worst when you’re waking up and need a caffeine fix. Step in the Keurig K15 brewer, the latest Mini brewer that delivers your hot cup of coffee in under two minutes. After a few weeks use, I’m thrilled with the performance and the features of the device (albeit limited). Will you enjoy it as much as I do? That depends. Let’s get into the full Keurig K15 review!

Keurig K15 Design

If you’re a condo or apartment dweller, you already know that counter top space comes at a premium and the Keurig K15 is clearly designed for that market at 27cm deep (10.5″) 18cm wide (7″) and 28cm tall (11″). The space saving design is largely due to the fact that it removes the need for a water storage tank by being a single cup brewer. I’d argue it’s a much better design than having a water reservoir because you know exactly how much coffee will be brewed AND you aren’t leaving water just sitting in a reservoir – I feel like water left out becomes a lesser quality water. Though made entirely of plastic, it does feel durable (hinges included) and looks very nice in black and simulated metal.

Keurig K10


Keurig K15 Features

The feature set of the Keurig K15 is limited, which keeps the price and size down while keeping the key feature intact – it brews a good cup of coffee with no clean up. The water input enables you to put between 6 and 10 ounces of water into the brewer for a single cup, which drains into the heating element when you lift the Keurig K-Cup input area. It also features auto-off, which is a much appreciated feature. What it doesn’t have (that some larger Keurig machines do) is a touch screen, strength control or temperature control, so if you like to have a lot of direct control over the brewing you won’t like this machine. If you just want a quick and easy cup, you’re well covered!

Keurig K15 Ease of Use

I don’t know that you will find a machine that’s easier to use than the Keurig K15. Literally, you lift the cover, pour in your water, lift the K-Cup area and put one in, close it and press ‘Brew’. Done. I think that’s the beauty of this machine, there’s really no nonsense. I imagine these are likely going to make their way into every hotel, and they are perfect for students too. Best of all, there’s nearly no cleanup – just pop out the used pod, and you’re ready to brew a new one!

Keurig K15 Price

Keurig K15 Brewer Review

The price point on the Keurig K15 is a very reasonable $115 via Amazon. There are other single serve machines that you can find for much less (in the $40 range) but they aren’t as intuitive and stress free as this machine. The K-Cups (and other pods) really do make life so much easier when you have almost no clean up – though, they aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly. If you want to use your own coffee, you can simply use the original My KCup (NOT the 2.0 version) with the Keurig K15, and it works incredibly well! You can also get the off-brand ones that work decently, though they have a tendency to spill over slightly, so keep that in mind.


The Keurig K15 is a very easy, no nonsense coffee brewer that goes from powered off, to a hot cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. Nicely designed, with a small footprint, this machine is ideal for anyone living with limited counter top space and is also ideal for students. If you’re like me, and you’ve ever wanted coffee next to your bed, this is the perfect machine for that purpose.