Arguably, the most important buy you will ever make is a mattress.

You spend one-third of your life in bed, and the quality of time spent there can dictate how your day goes. If you have a bad night, you are more likely to have a bad day, conversely, a good nights sleep delivers a great start to a day. Today, we’re reviewing the Leesa Mattress. It promises a great night sleep through a combination of foam and comfort. The Leesa mattress has only been available in Canada since February 2016, but they have been available in both the States and the UK for many years now.

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The first mattress I ever purchased was from a bed store, where I tried a few selections and decided on the most affordable one that felt comfortable. It’s a common experience among many but it was a terrible decision. It’s not that it was a bad bed, it’s that I didn’t know what I was looking for. Leesa hopes to change that experience by delivering a product that will meet the sleep comforts of everyone who tries it. They stand firmly behind the product too but we’ll get into that later in the review.

Leesa Mattress Packaging and Design


The Leesa Mattress comes shipped in a compact (but heavy) box. Rolled up and vacuum sealed, the box is tall but quite narrow – in this case, we have a Queen, but their sizes vary from Twin to Cali-King. Upon opening the box, the plastic wrap can be quite easily unfurled, and air will star to rush into the package. As it ‘inflates’, it becomes easier to remove the plastic altogether and expose the actual mattress.

Leesa Mattress

The immediate thing you will notice is the ‘seamless’ design. You’ll also notice the premium look, with a light colour palate and four white stripes design that matches the look of the box. The Leesa mattress also feels incredible on the skin (thanks to its poly-lycra material).  You’re still going to want to use a cover sheet, but it does feel nice.

The mattress lacks an obvious place to grab it from. Traditional mattresses typically have handles built-in, the Leesa does not.

Leesa Mattress Comfort and Firmness

The Leesa Mattress contains three layers of foam underneath the cover. 2″ of Avena foam on the top, 2″ of memory foam in the middle and 6″ of support foam at the bottom. Those three layers together offer a comfortable feeling for most people. Having tried other foam mattresses, this one is the firmest of the bunch (Casper (review) is less firm). The mattress is best on the floor or a platform, so there is little need for a boxspring.

Leese Mattress

When sitting down on it, it compacts quite a bit, but on lying down it just seems to hold you. The mix of memory and Avena foam helps to make it contour to your exact body shape. Though, if you’re a side sleeper, it might not have enough give to be comfortable. Sleeping on it is incredible – the 60 days I’ve slept on it have been some of my best ever. It’s at this point it should say that I have a rather prominent case of scoliosis, so my body is super sensitive to different beds. With this mattress, I have had zero back pain since using it, so that’s a pretty solid physical endorsement my body is giving it.


A quick girl note: I’m certain a girlfriend liked coming over to my place for my bed more than she was there for me. For intimate purposes, the bed takes a little adjustment as it doesn’t have the bounciness of a spring based mattress. It also transfers NO movement from one side to the other making it easy for either of you to leave in the morning without disturbing the other. 

Leesa Mattress Pricing + Support

Price wise, the Leesa Mattress is quite affordable when compared to other mattresses on the market. (Best of all, we’ve arranged a promo code to save you $100 in Canada, $75 in the States).

  • Twin – $790CDN ($690 after discount).
  • Twin XL – $890CDN ($790 after discount).
  • Full – $1090CDN ($990 after discount).
  • Queen – $1190CDN ($1090 after discount).
  • King – $1290CDN ($1190 after discount).
  • California King – $1290CDN ($1190 after discount).

The support is also quite solid – they include free shipping on all orders, and offer 100-night sleep guarantee. If you’re not happy any time within the 100 days of buying your Leesa mattress, just tell them and they will take it back and offer a full refund. There are no questions, and the bed goes to a local charity.


The Leesa mattress is one of the best beds to sleep in. It’s soft, supportive and comfortable. The design is well thought out. While you cannot get it back into the same box it came in, it is flexible enough to move anywhere. Price wise, it’s affordable, so much so that compared to the average/discount mattresses it competes well. Their return/refund policy is fantastic, and the fact they give back to the community is great too. If you’re in the market for a mattress, this is one that you’ll have confidence in buying.