For guys that may feel their home decor lacks desirability, Merchant Sons is here to help. It’s not a stretch to say that guys could use some help making their places nicer. I mean, I’ll be honest in saying that before getting my current place – my home decor strategy was “What’s on sale? Done.” My current place is better, but I still credit a few female friends and my mom for helping make my place feel like home. That’s where a business like Merchant Sons steps in. As a startup business, they have a pretty clear mandate to create “products for the home that look great and work better.” Their summer catalog includes items for the bedroom, bathroom and living room. That’s going to be welcome news for a lot of Canadian men.

Merchant Sons Designs + Performance

One of the things that will appeal to men about Merchant Sons is their simple designs. There’s no crazy patterns, no wild colours, and no nonsense. Instead, you get neutral grays, calm blues, and passive stripes. It goes well in any male oriented space, but will also be inviting to the opposite sex. Best of all, most of it will go with your existing decor.
Performance wise, there’s also a lot to love about Merchant Sons. For starters, some of their items are made in Canada including their Sweatshirt Blankets and Sweatshirt CushionsTheir cushions are oil and water repelling, with stain resistance. Their towels are made of combed cotton which enables them to be 60% more absorbent but also faster drying. Finally, their sheets and duvet covers are a mix of cotton and lyocell. What’s that mean? It makes them more breathable, comfortable and more durable.

A Quick Review of Merchant Sons Bedding

Merchant Sons Duvet and Pillow Cases

As a small business, I wanted to help spread the message of Merchant Sons. Supporting local businesses benefits us all. That said, they also need to have an excellent product. Confident that they do, they sent me a duvet cover and a couple pillow cases. I’ve had to chance to use them for about a week now. I’ve never had a duvet cover (always used the duvet au-natural), so it’s been a nice upgrade. My white duvet now has a light grey cover, which matches my other decor so well. So far, I have no complaints – well, other than the fact that the duvet shifts inside the cover. But, I’m pretty sure that’s ALL duvet covers. Overall, definitely impressed with the quality and so far, sleep has been wonderful. For any guy who struggles with their home decor, Merchant Sons does make things much easier.

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