The Monster Superstar Speaker is 5″ long, and weighs just 226g. Compare that to Shaquille O’Neal who is is 7’1″ tall and weighs 325lbs. If, hypothetically, you were to make a Shaq statue out of Monster Superstar Speakers you would need at least 17 stacked on top of each other, and roughly 650 of them to match his weight. There’s a major size difference between the two (surprising literally no one), but Shaq always keeps one of the speakers on his person at all times – commenting on the quality sound, powerful bass and long battery life as great features of the speaker itself.

Superstar Speaker

Last week, we had the opportunity to chat with Shaq at Best Buy about his partnership with Monster, and particularly his affinity towards the Superstar Speaker while he was in town for the NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto. You can read more about that experience and the events that led up to it over on including a major mistake he made. One of our takeaways from the event was a Monster Superstar Speaker signed by Shaquille O’Neal himself, and we wanted to hook one of our readers up with it!

Monster Superstar Speaker Features

Monster Superstar

The Monster Superstar Speaker features a Bluetooth connection to any Bluetooth enabled device, but also has a 3.5mm AUX line in to connect devices without. With two front facing speakers, the sound comes out clear and with a reasonable amount of bass. The device is also IPX-4 splash resistant, meaning it can take a little incidental contact with water, just don’t knock it into the pool. The device, which fits comfortably into your hand (and could easily fit into your pocket) includes four buttons along the top to power it up, volume up and down, and a Bluetooth connection button. It also features a microphone, enabling you to take phone calls while paired to the device without having to disconnect.

You can buy the Monster Superstar Speaker from Best Buy for $100. And you can enter below to win the signed speaker!

Monster Superstar Speaker SIGNED by SHAQ