It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to review men’s underwear? I mean, this is typically a day reserved for romancing the women in our lives – but if you’re like me and without one this year, why not romance yourself? How do you do that exactly? Well, you can start by making your package feel comfortable. The MyPakage boxer briefs are another competitor in the high-end, ultra comfortable men’s market. Are they better than everything else on the market though? I mean, their tagline is the ‘World’s Greatest Underwear For Men’, so hopefully, they’ll be good! It’s time to put the MyPakage to the test.

MyPakage Design

MyPakage says they were ‘designed with the most advanced fabric technology and construction techniques‘. That material is 95% modal and 5% spandex. It also features a 1-inch waistband that sits comfortably wherever you want it. Now, in all honesty, none of the materials are revolutionary BUT they are comfortable. They also feature something they call ‘Keyhole Comfort Technology‘. This is their way of saying a comfortable place for your parts to exist.

MyPakage Review

In terms of colours/designs, MyPakage covers everything. They have briefs with roses on them, camo patterning, and many more wild and detailed patterns. There are basic colours as well, but really, they go above and beyond to make really interesting looking designs.

MyPakage Comfort

As I mentioned, their underwear is definitely comfortable. They fit well, and hold onto you where you want them – but give you space to breathe in the middle. They also do a little bit to accentuate your own parts. Bonus points for that. They are more comfortable than cheap alternatives, but it’s also not a huge jump. Enough to notice, not enough to justify 3x the price.

Are MyPakage Better Than Saxx?

Yes, MyPakage are better than Saxx but that comes with an asterisk. Here’s why: Saxx advertise as being 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex. Viscose is just another name for Rayon. MyPakage advertise as 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. Modal is a second generation Rayon. So, from a material point of view – there is little difference. They are both comfortable but I give the slight edge to MyPakage. The reason for that is they are a tiny bit little more forgiving in your Package area. So +2% for them.

MyPakage vs SAXX

As for price, MyPakage sells from their own website for $33, while Saxx sells for $34. The literal math on that gives it a 3% win. Lastly, both are made in China, and both companies have HQ’s in Vancouver. So that’s a wash. That gives us a minor 5% victory for MyPakage over Saxx.

Are they the ‘World’s Greatest Underwear For Men’? I want to say no because I feel like there is still room for improvement – but because they beat their nearest competitor… I guess they achieve their goal. Treat yourself for Valentine’s Day, then go back to whatever usual type you buy/wear until a new occasion to buy a new pair!