Researchers interviewed 500 women, which is almost certainly enough to ensure they are speaking for all women (eye roll), and have found out the six words you should never say around women. The list has two words that are entirely unsurprising, but a couple that just don’t feel like they would fit the mold at all. Researchers found that the reason why the six words were so gross to women ranged from unpleasant sexual connotations, to word aversion and phonetics of how the word sounds. In any case, these six words turn off women faster than you usually last in bed.

#6 – Flap

Flap is gross. It immediately brings up the idea of a skin flap, which is making me gag as I type it. It also sounds a lot like fap, and honestly can you guys just not?

#5 – Curd

Yuck, I can definitely come up with some gross images when I think of curds. Unless it’s poutine in which case it’s delicious.

#4 – Chunky

Ah, I don’t know that I hate this one. It’s like, not totally bad, but not great either. If you call women anything with ‘chunky’ – goodbye.

#3 – Panties

So gross. Literally never say this to describe underwear.

#2 – Squirt

Again, I’m gagging as I type this. You may be into women who can do this, but unless she brings it up, please don’t say it to her.

#1 – Moist

Unless you are describing a piece of red velvet cake, this word should never, ever, ever come out of your mouth.

Editors Note: Very surprised that a certain word did not make this list. You can read more about the study and why these six words top the charts over on The Daily Mail.